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About This App

Headphones asustor NAS App



Headphones is a SABnzbd add-on that automates your music downloading.\nYou can import all your favorite artists from iTunes, and keep an eye out for any new albums they might be releasing.

Default Port: 8181

Auto-Updates within the App via built-in updater

What's new in this version?

V 20180621: Add aarch64 support.

V 20151006: Add ARM support.

V 20140421: Now runs as admin in administrators group.

V 20140320: Use start-stop-daemon to verify correct pid and process. Fixes failure to restart after hard shut-down of NAS.

V 20140109: Fixed folder permissions and added better handling for blocked git access

Moved git clone to start-stop to prevent failed installation with bad internet connection.

Now runs as admin using start-stop-daemon

V 20130702: Updated to ADK V2.0

Requires ADM 2.0+

Compatible with 6 series and 3 series.

V 20130120: Initial release. Please report any problems experienced.