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pgAdmin 4 asustor NAS App

pgAdmin 4


Default settings => user: user@domain.com / password: pgadmin

This package uses the pgAdmin Docker image, please use the DNS hostname or IP address (not 'localhost') when connecting to the PostgreSQL database.
What is pgAdmin 4?

pgAdmin is a management tool for PostgreSQL and derivative relational databases such as EnterpriseDB's EDB Advanced Server. It may be run either as a web or desktop application. For more information on the features offered, please see the Features and Screenshots pages.

Why doesn't pgAdmin use the native File management dialogues?
This is largely for a couple of reasons:
As pgAdmin is a web application, it can only interact with the local filesystem in ways that are allowed by modern web browsers. This limits what is possible for security; essentially files can only be 'downloaded' or 'uploaded' (through a form). There is no way to simply save an update to a file by hitting a Save button, nor is it possible to save the working directory for example.
When running in server mode, files are read from and stored on the server to enable users to work with the same data whatever machine they happen to be using. There are no 'native dialogues' for working with files stored on a web server in this way, so we have to implement our own.

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pgAdmin 4 asustor NAS App