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About This App

sMedio DTCP Move asustor NAS App

sMedio DTCP Move


sMedio DTCP Move is the app to move your Recorded TV programs to NAS to play the contents on DTCP-IP players apps such as PC or Smart Phone.

NOTE: DTCP-IP is secure file transfer protocol for premium contents such as Japanese recorder TV. This app requires recorder devices supporting DTCP-IP file transfer.

What's new in this version?


- Update to be compatible with OpenSSL 1.1.1.

1. Improved compatibility when recording a content to DTCP MOVE directly through a network.

1. Remove P2P related UI and function.
2. Support SPRL LAN recording, dubbing and age restrict setting.
3. Support copy free content move out from NAS.
4. Support folder management(add, delete, rename, move).
5. Support smaller file size option(depend on DMS capability) when download from DMS.
6. Support share folder setting.
7. Support ARIB?? display in TV title.
8. Improve UI and behavior.
9. Issue fix


1. Fixed an issue uploading multiple contents from a PC client may fail sometimes.

2. Supported parsing title, genre, date, TV station name from recorded contents.

3. Supported moving out Copy Free content.

4. New TimeSeek module to improve time seek support.

(NOTE: Search indexes will be rebuilt with this update. It will take time to update all search indexes for the contents in NAS HDD.)

5. Supported TimeSeek for radio contents for some paid channels.

6. Supported moving parental lock enabled contents from some paid channels.

7. Supported browse and download rating contents from some paid channels.

8. Other minor bug fixes