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WonderBox asustor NAS App



Know Wonderbox

WonderBox simplifies the way sharing is done, and makes sharing easy and intuitive. With the patented network traversal technology of WonderBox, the requirement of fixed IP address for a NAS is not necessary any more. No extra setting on the “Port Forwarding” of an Internet router is required. The only thing what a user needs to do is plugging the NAS into the network to access Internet, and then the user can directly access the NAS anywhere and anytime in Internet. There is no more process to synchronize data to any public cloud storage, such as DropBox, Skydrive, etc. Besides, add as many disk spaces on your NAS as you need, easily sharing and connecting by your own NAS cloud.

1. No need to have a fixed Internet IP address, neither to do the complicated settings of port forwarding and DDNS. The only thing what the user needs to do is to plug and play.

2. One or more accounts can be created for users to remotely login to access.

3. Remotely management is provided.

4. Online/Offline message transmission is supported.

5. Streaming video/audio is the standard function.

6. Cross platforms are supported on Windows, Mac, Linux and Embedded Linux /Android device box.iPhone, iPad, Android phone and pad APP are all supported.

Visit http://www.wonderbox.net.tw/ to free download WonderBox now.

What's new in this version?

1.Fix Bugs


*Install WonderBox for NAS and get a WonderBox ID

*Install WonderBox for Android on your phone or tablet

*Add your NAS to “My Stuff”

*Add Contacts

*Under “My Stuff”, long press a file or an entire folder to start the “Share” panel

*Sharing comes in forms of “Boxie”. And there are four kinds of boxies: Express boxie, Secure boxie, Timed boxie, and Combo boxie.

*Express Boxie is blue and shares instantly

*Secure Boxie is red and shares with an additional password

*Timed Boxie is yellow and shares with a limited time frame

*Combo Boxie is orange and requires both a password and a time

*Privileged sharing is give more access privileges to your boxie.

WonderBox asustor NAS App