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LooksGood asustor NAS App



LooksGood can directly stream videos from your NAS to your Web browser and watch them instantly, instead of waiting for long downloads. No matter if it’s 1080p high definition movies, TV series that you are addicted to or TV programs that you have recorded, they are all available to you on demand.

Features three main built-in video library categories: Movies, TV Shows, and Home Movies. When you import videos from LooksGood, it will automatically search for video information from TMDB.

LooksGood supports to stream videos from your NAS to Chromecast and DLNA. Get ready to enjoy your multimedia collection on a big screen TV with your friends and family.

You can also use the Favorites, History and Playlists options to help you manage your video library categories.

*Currently available for Windows Edge / Chrome / Firefox & Mac Safari.

*Supported external subtitle file formats: srt, ass, ssa, vtt, sami(smi); Transcoded subtitles will appear in the srt format.

What's new in this version?

Version: 2.0.0.R96

- All accounts in Administrators group will be granted same privilege with "admin" account now.
- Support added to get videos information from IMDB.
- Now can press "Space" key to play/pause the video playback.
- Now will display correct guideline to config Firefox settings while using HTTPS on Firefox to open LooksGood.
- Improved multilingual strings.
- Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version: 2.0.0.R72

- Update for ADM 3.4.0.


- Fixed duplicate IP issue while creating share link for videos.


- Fix issue that ASPlayer mute settings will be enabled automatically in some condition.
- Remove useless information in startup hint page.
- Miscellaneous issues fixed


- Fix issue that launch failed while language is set as "Русский" (Russian).
- Support 2-step verification sign in. (Need to conjunction with ADM 3.1.7 onward)
- Miscellaneous issues fixed


- Add configuration guide link for using HTTPS connection in Firefox
- Change video resolution icon in player
- Remove some audio format support
- Miscellaneous issues fixed


- Add support for subtitle format "SAMI". (*.sami, *.smi)
- Miscellaneous issues fixed

Note: Please use SAMI subtitle with UTF-8 format.


- Add support for Playlist
- Add support for video Share Link
- Fine tune transcoding mechanism
- Miscellaneous issues fixed

For Android AiVideos : v2.3.24

For iOS AiVideos: v2.3.17

LooksGood asustor NAS App