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Tailscale asustor NAS App



Tailscale is a VPN service that makes the devices and applications you own accessible anywhere in the world, securely and effortlessly. It enables encrypted point-to-point connections using the open source WireGuard protocol, which means only devices on your private network can communicate with each other.
Tailscale is fast and reliable. Unlike traditional VPNs, which tunnel all network traffic through a central gateway server, Tailscale creates a peer-to-peer mesh network (called a tailnet).
This package is not officially supported by Tailscale Inc.

1. You can sign up your account on https://login.tailscale.com/ and check all devices status after sign in.
2. You can sign in to Tailscale from the web page opened by clicking Tailscale app icon on the ADM desktop.

What's new in this version?

Version: 1.34.2.r01

- Add fixed port for direct connection.
- Update to Docker version 1.34.2.

Version: 1.34.1.r01

- Fixed the issue that tun module cannot be created as a node.
- Update to Docker version 1.34.1.

Version: 1.34.0.r01

- Update to Docker version 1.34.0.

Version: 1.32.3.r01

- Update to Docker version 1.32.3 to fix the security issues.

Version: 1.32.2.r01

- Update to Docker version 1.32.2.

Version: 1.28.0.r01

- Update to Docker version 1.28.0.

Version: 1.24.2.r01

- Update to Docker version 1.24.2.

Version: 1.22.0.r01

- Update to Docker version 1.22.0.

Version: 1.18.2.r01

- Initial release with Docker version 1.18.2.

Tailscale asustor NAS App