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Taiwan OTT URL asustor NAS App

Taiwan OTT URL


URL-OTT-TW is installed for ASUSTOR PORTAL that contains multiple video and music web site URL from Taiwan for redirection. Web sites are Iqiyi, LINE TV, LiTV, KKTV, 4GTV, CATCHPLAY+, KKbox and MyMusic.

URL-OTT-TW 內含多個台灣知名影視及音樂網站的連結,安裝到 ASUSTOR Portal 後即可進行點選導向選取的影音網站進行瀏覽。台灣知名影音網站有愛奇藝、LINE TV、LiTV、KKTV、四季線上影視、CATCHPLAY+、KKbox 以及 MyMusic。

What's new in this version?

- New URL-Pack for Taiwan OTT services.

Taiwan OTT URL asustor NAS App