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    Centralized management of wireless network certification

    RADIUS Server can provide Remote Authentication Dial In User Service. Convenient for businesses by helping them manage and verify wireless network user accounts. This feature must be combined with a wireless router that supports RADIUS authentication and can be authenticated with the RADIUS server using WPA-Enterprise or WPA2-Enterprise encryption.

    Note: RADIUS server only supports system users under PAP, EAP-TLS/PAP and EAP-TTLS/PAP authentication formats.

    Asustor NAS 華芸 Centralized management of wireless network certification

    ① Connection to the wireless router which requires the establishment of wireless network connection.
    ② Connecting to the RADIUS server to authenticate.
    ③ Verifying credentials with RADIUS server.
    ④ Send verification results to wireless router.
    ⑤ Accept or deny connection attempt.