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  • ASUSTOR NAS 華芸 Expansion Box

    Plug and Play

    Connect official ASUSTOR expansion units directly to an ASUSTOR NAS to easily expand the number of hard drives your NAS supports to meet growing storage needs.

    Asustor NAS 華芸 Plug and Play

    Supports MyArchive cold backup technology

    Directly insert a MyArchive hard drive into an available bay to access data, making data access extremely convenient. Use MyArchive to also set up schedules for backing up with automatic mounting and unmounting, making your backups simpler and more convenient.

    Asustor NAS 華芸 Supports MyArchive cold backup technology

    Smart Power Saving

    ASUSTOR’s expansion units have power synchronization features that are linked with ADM. When an ASUSTOR NAS enters sleep or shuts down, connected expansion units will enter sleep mode at the same time. When the NAS turns back on, connected expansion units will also awaken to maintain convenience while also saving power.

    Asustor NAS 華芸 Smart Power Saving

    Smart Fan Temperature Control

    When the system load and temperature increases, the fans will automatically increase their speed to cool the device allowing the system to maintain a suitable operation temperature, providing stable performance and service.

    Asustor NAS 華芸 Smart Fan Temperature Control

    Safer Storage and Backups

    ASUSTOR expansion units are equipped with hot-swappable hard drive bays, which are compatible with the highest capacity hard drives currently available. ASUSTOR expansion units support RAID and AES-256 bit encryption to provide the best data protection as if they were internal drives.

    Asustor NAS 華芸 Safer Storage and Backups

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