What's New in ADM 2.2

Portuguese and Turkish Language Support

Portuguese and Turkish users can now use ADM in their respective languages.

Hard Disk Hibernation Indicators

Newly added hard disk hibernation indicators will allow you to simply look at the hard disk LED indicators to see if your hard disks are in hibernation.

Multilingual Usernames

Usernames now support multibyte character sets such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Cyrillic.

Night Mode Scheduling

After enabling “night mode” only the system power LED indicator will be enabled with all other LED indicators being shut off. The system power LED indicator will flash an orange light once every 10 seconds.
With "night mode scheduling" you no longer have to log in to the ADM interface to turn on or turn off night mode. You need to complete the scheduling configurations, before being able to enjoy the added comfort and convenience of night mode at a regularly scheduled time.

More Comprehensive UPS Functionality

Using a UPS can protect your data and NAS from sudden shutdown or service interruptions by providing backup power in the event of a power outage.

Supported modes: shut down and safe mode

After selecting safe mode, the system will stop all services in accordance with normal procedures and unmount all storage volumes in order to prevent data loss and damage. you have enabled the “In the event of a power outage, enable the NAS to return to its previous state once power has been restored” setting (configurable via Settings → Hardware → Power), once the NAS has been shut down under safe mode, it will automatically turn on once power has been restored.

Note: This function is available for use with AS-6/7 series devices.

Brand New Apps

Google Drive

ADM now supports the Google Drive cloud storage service allowing you to seamlessly integrate the data on your NAS with Google Drive
  • Each ADM account is able to individually log in to one Google account
  • Supported backup methods:
    1. Sync
    2. Directly upload files to Google Drive from NAS
    3. Directly download files from Google Drive to NAS
Note: Google documents cannot be backed up to the NAS or different devices.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery is a dedicated web photo album that makes photo management easy. The interface is clean and concise with albums appearing in the album list consisting of a cover photo and 4 smaller thumbnail photos.
  • Social media support: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Plurk
  • Photo album access rights: public, private, password
  • Customizable album covers
  • Supports display of EXIF values, editable descriptions and photo rotation
  • Supports playing of images via slideshow
  • Directly download image source files
  • Supports user comments
Note: Photo Gallery's dedicated mobile app, AiPhoto, will be coming soon!


MiniDLNA is a nimble multimedia server App that supports protocols such as DLNA and UPnP-AV. As long as your UPnP client (Sony BRAVIA TV, PlayStation 3®, etc.) supports multimedia formats such as video, audio and images, you will be able to play them directly without any transcoding from the NAS.

MiniDLNA is highly compatible with a wide range of file types and features very low CPU usage.
Although small in size and easy to install, MiniDLNA features powerful functionality including complete pause, stop, play, rewind, fast-forward functions and support for *.srt,*.smi subtitle files.

For supported file types, please click here:

The following functions will be released shortly:

  1. External optical drive support: directly access data from optical media backups
  2. HiDrive: Integrates the popular cloud storage service and supports multiple network protocols
  3. Mail Server: supports SMTP/POP3/IMAP mail protocols and features exclusive mail backup function

What's New with Chrome Add-ons

Download Helper

Download Helper gets an upgrade. Simply left-click to begin downloading streaming video content.

  • Supports HTTP/HTTPS connections
  • Simplified pause/start download task management


Change Logs

ADM built-in functions

  • Upgraded openssh version to 1.0.1g
  • Rsync backup supports bandwidth control
  • File Explorer can extract .tgz files
  • Updated File Explorer Java certificate
  • File Explorer Share Link expiration period now can be set to only an hour
  • Share Links in File Explorer now support right-click copying
  • Usernames can now include spaces
  • “WiFi connection password” issue fixed
  • Activity Monitor able to monitor WiFi throughput
  • Storage Manager can now display HDD serial number
  • Encrypted folder unlock flow enhanced
  • “App Central permission” issue fixed
  • Web server supports FreeTDS
  • “Windows CIFS permission” issue fixed
  • Able to support files over 2GB on 32-bit PHP systems


NAS Apps

iTunes server

1.0.4.r172(Supported only in ADM 2.2 Beta)

  • Supports Bluetooth speakers
  • Enhanced iOS Remote pairing stability
  • Enhanced compatibility with XBMC


1.0.2.r615(Supported only in ADM 2.2 Beta)

  • Supports .APE format
  • “Music library scanning” issue fixed
  • “Local output volume” issue fixed
  • “UTF-8 display” issue fixed
  • “Japanese translation” issue fixed
  • Modified album cover display
  • Enhanced compatibility with ASUS DAC

Xorg (Supported only in ADM 2.2 Beta)

For AS 6 series

  • “Video tearing during playback (XBMC/Boxee)” issue fixed

For AS 2TE/3 series

  • “Program start/stop” issue fixed


Remote Center


  • Fixed "zombie process" issue 



  • Supports Turkish & Portuguese display in ADM 
  • Support NFS protocol
  • Reduce flicker seen occasionally when playing movies using mplayer or XBMC


  • Supports Turkish & Portuguese display in ADM 


Photo Gallery


  • Social Media Support: Facebook, Google+, Tiwtter, Plurk
  • Manage Photo Album Access Rights: Public Access, Restricted to Certain
  • Accounts, Album Password
  • Customizable Photo Album Cover
  • Supports Display of Image EXIF Values, Editable Description, Image Rotation
  • Supports Playing Images via Slideshow
  • Supports Downloading of Image Source Files
  • Supports User Commnets
  • Supports Tagging of Photos
  • Search for Photos via Keyword or Tag
  • Supported Image Format: JPG, PNG, GIF


Google Drive

1.0.0.r54  (Supported only in ADM 2.2 Beta)

  • Each ADM account is able to individually log in to one Google account
  • Supported backup methods: 
    • Sync
    • Directly upload les to Google Drive from NAS
    • Directly download les from Google Drive to NAS



  • Compatible with UPnP compatible devices
  • Supports subtitles (SRT, SMI)

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