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UPnP Media Server V2 asustor NAS App

UPnP Media Server V2


The UPnP AV Media Server app can turn your NAS into your home’s multimedia streaming server. As long as you have devices that support UPnP or DLNA (for example, SONY BRAVIA TV or PlayStation3R), you can directly browse and stream the pictures, music and videos stored on your NAS. Additionally, you can use UPnP/DLNA compatible applications on your mobile device (for example, a notebook, iPhone or iPad) to stream multimedia files from your NAS.

Reminder: The media formats that are playable may vary between devices.

Bu sürümdeki yenilikler

- Update to be compatible with FFmpeg 4.2.

- Add supports for high-resolution videos streaming on Smart TV which supports the capability.

Known issue:
Unable to show the correct amounts of music, photo and video sometimes after rescan in General page.

UPnP Media Server V2 asustor NAS App