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Media Review

20 Awards
Best Option Award asustor NAS


Best Option Award

"ASUSTOR succeeded once again with a high-performance and balanced model. It features all types of connectivity and offers all the features that one can expect on this kind of machine. The finish of the NAS is excellent with very quiet operation. More » "

Syndrome OC, France 2017-05
Good Product Award asustor NAS


Good Product Award

"Very good performance and safety. Lots of extra functions and applications. Cloud, virtualization and multimedia support. The Asustor AS6202T is a very good product. More » "

benckmark, Poland 2017-04
Editor's Choice Award asustor NAS


Editor's Choice Award

"The AS6202T is very well-built with various I/O connectors including HDMI and S/PDIF. It's the best NAS for most demanding users. More » "

PCWorld, Poland 2017-04
Storage Sweetness Award asustor NAS


Storage Sweetness Award

"You just can't go wrong with an Asustor NAS. Their products are refined, well-balanced, powerful and energy efficient. Combined with the latest ADM 2.7.x software suite and applications this relatively low power unit will be a terrific choice for a truly proper home server. File-sharing, Usenet, fil ... More » "

Guru3D, US 2017-03
Recommended Award asustor NAS


Recommended Award

"Bottom line: in the market for a powerful dual-bay NAS? The ASUSTOR AS6202T ought to be on your list. More » "

Hexus, UK 2017-01
Test: ASUSTOR AS6202T and Audio Interface Asus Essence One MKII Muses Edition asustor NAS


Test: ASUSTOR AS6202T and Audio Interface Asus Essence One MKII Muses Edition

"The AS6202T showed itself as a fast, functional NAS, which is, perhaps surprisingly, when actually showing movies and playing music. And it also can do it in conjunction with virtually any available hardware. Moreover, even if you are in the house, where the equipment will only be a TV and this NAS, ... More » "

Stereo & Video, Russia 2016-12
Editors Choice asustor NAS


Editors Choice

"Over its years on the market, ASUSTOR has earned a solid reputation and is considered to be one of the leaders in network storage. With every new generation of NAS devices, the performance of ASUSTOR devices is growing, and the ADM platform is becoming more functional and user-friendly. That’s why ... More » "

Ferralabs, Russia 2016-12
Review: Fast and Functional NAS asustor NAS


Review: Fast and Functional NAS

"This two-bay NAS has a powerful and energy-efficient processor that supports a variety of functions and has developed the software ecosystem that allows it to serve as a 4K media player. More » "

CHIP, Russia 2016-12
Review asustor NAS



"The fastest always wins. The AS6202T is definitely competitive in productivity and speed because of the new Intel Braswell platform in combination with good software. More » "

HiComm, Bulgaria 2016-08
Innovation Award asustor NAS


Innovation Award

"This system is ideal for photos and videographers who require multimedia streaming, 4K content support, multitasking and back up. Connectivity on this device is excellent. We find sufficient USB ports and eSATA ports to connect multiple external drives, for backup or storage capacity expansion. More » "

Ghidul DSLR, Romania 2016-08
Recommends asustor NAS



"The two-disk model ASUSTOR AS6202T is a bargain. Note also the fact that the new platform Intel Braswell and quad-core processors were able to raise the level of performance of the NAS to the next level. If you work at home or need a powerful file server, then you should pay attention to the NAS mod ... More » "

3Dnews, Russia 2016-07
Review, 4/5 score asustor NAS


Review, 4/5 score

"Blistering speeds, excellent media features and flashing lights mark the AS6202T out from the crowd. More » "

PC Pro, UK 2016-07
Silver Award asustor NAS


Silver Award

" Video Review.  Pro: Nice UI. Good I/O. Good Feature set. More » "

TechTeamGB, UK 2016-07
Hot Product, April Issue#427 asustor NAS


Hot Product, April Issue#427

"Flagship performance for home and media use, without an excessive price premium. The ADM OS on the AS6202T is solid and easy to use, and there is a range of very good iOS and Android apps available for personal cloud and mobile use. More » "

APC Magazine, Australia 2016-07
Extreme Performance Award  asustor NAS


Extreme Performance Award

"Wow, wow, wow. Where do I begin? It is an amazing NAS for prosumers, enthusiasts, and SMBs alike. The NAS is built upon a powerful CPU that supports 4K output, it comes with plenty of memory and an operating system that just works. With ADM, you don’t have to fiddle around and try this and tha ... More » "

eTeknix, UK 2016-05
We Got Served Approved asustor NAS


We Got Served Approved

"The ASUSTOR AS6202T offers great performance in a solid chassis. If you are looking for a NAS that doubles as a lightweight Virtual Machine, or 4K UHD media player, the AS6202T is a great choice. More » "

We Got Served, UK 2016-03
Best Performance Award asustor NAS


Best Performance Award

"Overall, the ASUSTOR AS6202T is a solid NAS appliance and quite possibly the quickest two-bay appliance we have tested which makes sense as this unit appears to share the same configuration with its four-bay counterpart. The level of features you get with this appliance is top notch and with this un ... More » "

TweakTown, US 2016-01
Highest recommendation asustor NAS


Highest recommendation

"This ASUSTOR AS6202T is currently the fastest and most complete NAS we've tested to date. Taking into account the technical characteristics, the performance achieved and the price of equipment, the final assessment from RedesZone is: a 10/10 score with the highest recommendation. More » "

Redeszone, Spain 2015-11
Review asustor NAS



"The ASUSTOR AS6202T performed exceptionally well in most of our tests and quickly proved that it can hang with Synology’s latest flagship 2-bay NAS, the DS715. The AS6202T has the added benefit of HDMI support @ 4K making it a viable alternative to a HTPC. At its heart the Braswell N3150 quad- ... More » "

Legion Hardware, Australia 2015-11
Seal of Approval Award asustor NAS


Seal of Approval Award

"With a retail price right around $580 USD, this NAS does seem to be a bit pricey. But you must consider that outside of the traditional NAS duties, which the AS6202T handles quite well, this device can also function in many other aspects. The included HDMI output allows this NAS to become a media pl ... More » "

Bjorn3D, US 2015-10