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35 Awards
[Recommendation Award]<br/>Asustor Drivestor 2 Pro AS3302T Review asustor NAS


[Recommendation Award]
Asustor Drivestor 2 Pro AS3302T Review

"Currently the most cost-effective multi-gigabit NAS with 2.5GbE LAN, great functionality and features. More » "

AllesBeste, Germany 2021-10
Asustor Lockerstor 2 (AS6602T) Testing asustor NAS


Asustor Lockerstor 2 (AS6602T) Testing

"Versatile 2-bay NAS with excellent performance and values More » "

CHIP, Germany 2021-08
[ATTRACTIVE PRICE AWARD]<br/>Review: Asustor Drivestor 2 Pro AS3302T - inexpensive NAS with multi-gigabit Ethernet asustor NAS


Review: Asustor Drivestor 2 Pro AS3302T - inexpensive NAS with multi-gigabit Ethernet

"Switching to multi-gigabit Ethernet is worthwhile with the Asustor Drivestor 2 Pro NAS system More » "

PCWelt, Germany 2021-07
[OUTSTANDING SPEED AWARD] <br/> ASUSTOR Lockerstor 2 AS6602T test - faster network storage because of 2.5GbE asustor NAS


ASUSTOR Lockerstor 2 AS6602T test - faster network storage because of 2.5GbE

"Thanks to multi-gigabit LAN ports and more features, AS6602T's top technology is worth its price as the test reveals. More » "

PC-WELT, Germany 2020-10
ASUSTOR Nimbustor 2 (AS5202T) in the NAS test: very fast network storage asustor NAS


ASUSTOR Nimbustor 2 (AS5202T) in the NAS test: very fast network storage

"ASUSTOR Nimbustor 2 earned the PC-WELT award "Innovative Technology".   More » "

PC-WELT, Germany 2020-08
Preis-leistung Thumb Up Award asustor NAS


Preis-leistung Thumb Up Award

"Solid and affordable 2-bay NAS with the unique selling point of a 10GBase-T interface. More » "

HardwareLUXX, Germany 2019-02
PC Games Hardware Award asustor NAS


PC Games Hardware Award

"The AS3202T has overall the best performance in data transfer, noise and file copy. More » "

PC Games Hardware Magazine, Germany 2017-06
Very good overall rating 91.6% asustor NAS


Very good overall rating 91.6%

"With an overall rating of 91.6, the NAS Asustor AS3202T is at a very good level. Looking at the test categories functionality, equipment, and performance, we can certify the device excellent results. A good news for all who are interested in the device: In the test we could not find any particularly ... More » "

CHIP, Germany 2016-08
Review asustor NAS



"The Asustor AS6104T is a powerful 4-bay NAS, which leaves both of its hardware as well as of its software a very good impression. Pros: high performance and excellent data transfer rates, low power consumption and silent operation, excellent connectivity options (HDMI, 3x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, 2x eSA ... More » "

HardwareLUXX, Germany 2016-08
Recommended for all users asustor NAS


Recommended for all users

" We recommend all users who are looking for a (new) NAS, to have a look on the shelves for ASUSTOR. The mature operating system harmonizes perfectly with the powerful hardware that for many households could be almost too much of a good thing - not for nothing that the NAS is even advertised for pow ... More » "

WinTotal, Germany 2016-06
Exceptional evaluation asustor NAS


Exceptional evaluation

"All in all, the ASUSTOR AS7004T is a compelling high-end NAS, which responds with its high performance. It is targeted at primarily power and SOHO users who require high performance even when many users simultaneously access the device. More » "

HardwareLUXX, Germany 2015-08
A strong NAS for home and office asustor NAS


A strong NAS for home and office

"A strong NAS for home and office. Ranked #2 out of 38 2-bay NASes behind the #1 ranked AS5102T. Conclusion: The ASUSTOR AS5002T brings strong performance and very good hardware - five USB ports (2 x USB 2.0, 3 x USB-3.0), HDMI, and Gigabit LAN provide a lot of flexibility. Premier hardware / High da ... More » "

CHIP, Germany 2015-07
No. 1 ranking from among 35 2-bay NASes asustor NAS


No. 1 ranking from among 35 2-bay NASes

"TESTED By CHIP Germany,AS5102T achieves No. 1 ranking from among 35 2-bay NASes More » "

CHIP, Germany 2015-04
No. 1 ranking out of 34 2-bay NASes asustor NAS


No. 1 ranking out of 34 2-bay NASes

"The AS-602T features an intuitive operating system with power conversion that greatly exceeds common standards. More » "

CHIP, Germany 2014-10
Review asustor NAS



"With the AS-202TE Asustor has developed a multimedia network storage device which convinces with its range of functions, easily understandable user interface and premium design for home and small office users. It is ideally suited for storing data and multimedia applications and also convinces with ... More » "

Gamoha, Germany 2014-08
Gold Award asustor NAS


Gold Award

"Conclusion:The Asustor AS-202TE has produced really good test figures. Quite apart from the excellent processing and optics, Asustor offers with this NAS a multimedia-capable home server with the desires of its buyers completely satisfied . With a price of just under 230 € Asustor offers a good ... More » "

Hardware Journal, Germany 2014-08
Test: Buiness and Multimedia asustor NAS


Test: Buiness and Multimedia

"A comprehensive "App Store" to extend the functionality of the NAS, as it provides Asustor with App Central, and more than 100 additional packages can be found at the TeraStation 4400 Buffalo not, so that the buyer is fixed to the functions offered by Buffalo. In addition, the web interfac ... More » "

ComputerBase, Germany 2014-07
Test asustor NAS



"The software used is a positive aspect. For the AS-204TE is now the ADM surface in version 2.2, which hardly leaves a lot be desired for most users, provides lots of features and can be extended with other apps. More » "

HardwareLUXX, Germany 2014-06
Review asustor NAS



"The HDMI output on the AS-204TE can be used with the App "Asustor Portal" to output applications on a connected TV or monitor. Besides XBMC for video playback there are also Apps like Chrome or Youtube available. The optional remote control and the built-in infrared receiver of the AS-204T ... More » "

ComputerBase, Germany 2014-06
Review asustor NAS



"Conclusion: Good value for money The AS-304T turns out to be good device, both for home users, as well as SoHo and small companies. We are satisfied with the offered performance in any case. For environments with few users, the performance is good enough. The operating noise is acceptable even soft ... More » "

Speicherguide, Germany 2014-06
Test: 4-bay all-rounder with new ADM 2.1 asustor NAS


Test: 4-bay all-rounder with new ADM 2.1

"The ASUSTOR Portal convinced us that additional features such as video surveillance are possible on your TV. Users who already have a camera surveillance system, can connect up to four cameras without the purchase of additional licenses. This saves you money. More » "

Tom's Hardware, Germany 2014-04
No.1 NAS out of 47 models asustor NAS


No.1 NAS out of 47 models

"Test Winner: ASUSTOR AS-602T ASUSTOR's AS-602T is the top placed device in our ranking of network hard drives with two drive bays. It provides very strong overall performance. More » "

CHIP Online, Germany 2014-02
Strong and versatile NAS asustor NAS


Strong and versatile NAS

"Summary: Features and performance are the strengths of Asustor AS-602T: Two LAN ports, HDMI-out, two drive bays and six USB ports are on board. An Intel Atom CPU (2.13 GHz) and 1 GB of RAM provide plenty of power in the test. More » "

Chip Online, Germany 2014-01
A Remote NAS asustor NAS


A Remote NAS

"Conclusion: For home users and small businesses Asustor AS-202T is suitable. The NAS works on the basis of an open source operating system with its own Appstore, where cloud, find web server, backup, and many other Apps. The AS-202T provides a decent performance in the test, and by Android or iOS ap ... More » "

Chip Online, Germany 2013-12
Powerful NAS asustor NAS


Powerful NAS

"Conclusion: The Asustor AS-302T heard at a brisk Intel Atom processor (1.6 GHz), HDMI interface and great features to the upper class of network hard drives. The performance of the two-shaft system under test is high and the AS-302T can output content to the TV. More » "

Chip Online, Germany 2013-12
NAS with TV connections asustor NAS


NAS with TV connections

"Conclusion: The most interesting features of the NAS ASUSTOR AS-202TE are a big memory (1 GB) and an HDMI port for direct output of multimedia content on the TV. In addition, the ASUSTOR covers the complete range of a server network drive. More » "

Chip Online, Germany 2013-12
Review asustor NAS



"With the AS-202TE, ASUSTOR is offering a very good NAS system. It can be used as a media player via the HDMI output and XBMC. More » "

ComputerBase, Germany 2013-12
Review asustor NAS



"ASUSTOR has done right with the AS-302T. Starting with the solid and smart housing over to the appealing software. The hardware might not be the latest, but still offers quite a lot of power. The App Aidata could still get at least an update on the iPhone without graphical errors and support for mor ... More » "

HardwareLUXX, Germany 2013-11
Recommendation Award asustor NAS


Recommendation Award

"Review: Multimedia Storage Center ASUSTOR AS-202TE Overall, for the price of 235 euros (geizhals.de), the buyer gets a quality system that has many useful features and enhancements. More » "

Allround-PC, Germany 2013-11
Recommended for workgroups and small business asustor NAS


Recommended for workgroups and small business

"The AS-606T from Asustor is very well suited for workgroups and small businesses that need centralized and easily manageable network storage. The functionality of the AS-606T can be increased through installable Apps. One example is the RALUS App that can be used to back up and restore data remotely ... More » "

TecChannel, Germany 2013-05
Review asustor NAS



"The ASUSTOR AS-604T is a solid NAS device that can convince by good workmanship and high functionality. The firmware can be upgraded individually through downloadable packages in app style. As a DLNA server or iTunes server can be as-install, with the ASUSTOR AS-604T can be extended to the network m ... More » "

Tom's Hardware, Germany 2013-05
Excellent Hardware Award asustor NAS


Excellent Hardware Award

"The AS-604T has a good combination of hardware and software with solid HTPC functions. These are the reasons for it receiving the Excellent Hardware Award here. More » "

Hardwareluxx, Germany 2013-04
Hands-on test asustor NAS


Hands-on test

"ASUSTOR succeeded with his AS-6-series is a good introduction to the NAS area. The AS-604T proves performance system with a good functionality. The unit is well made and comes with a useful built-management software. The sleep mode "system sleep mode" (S3) just like. Even if the drives go into sleep ... More » "

Speicherguide, Germany 2013-02
Review asustor NAS



"The ASUSTOR AS-604T provides a convincing debut: It scores with sleep mode, a wide range of Apps and a simple operating concept. With the integrated HDMI interface, it is the NAS which plays high-resolution 1080p videos smoothly. More » "

C't Magazine, Germany 2013-01
Review asustor NAS



"Overall ASUSTOR made a successful entry into the market of NAS systems. Especially in terms of web interface, operation and hardware the ASUSTOR AS-602T is a great product. More » "

Hartware, Germany 2012-12