Centralized Surveillance Software - CMS Lite

A Solution designed for systems with multiple servers spread across different locations, CMS Lite allows surveillance professionals to have more flexibility and convenience when monitoring and playing back video. It can centralize management for up to 128 IP cameras and ASUSTOR NVRs in up to 32 different locations, significantly enhancing management efficiency.

Cold Backup Solution with Unlimited Capacity Expansion

You can schedule backups of recording files to MyArchive hard disks, freeing up storage space for online recordings. When you need to play back recordings, you can mount recordings from MyArchive hard disks to Surveillance Center and then quickly search and play back the recordings you need.

360 Degree Fisheye Camera Image Restoration

Fisheye cameras have a wide angle view and can focus on areas such as offices, ATMs, retail stores, supermarkets, hotels, and factories, providing greater coverage than most common cameras. Surveillance Center's image restoration function allows users to select a specified area, 360 degree panoramic view, or double 180 degree panoramic view restoration of a fisheye camera's live video feed. This gives users the comprehensive surveillance without blind spots without having to use a multitude of cameras.

Flexibly Power Online Cameras On and Off

Sometimes you may not want your cameras to be turned on. The camera power on and off function allows you to turn off cameras at any time. When you need you cameras to begin surveillance again you can turn them on instantly.

More Agile Searches of Recording Files

The newly added 30 second fast-forward and 10 second rewind playback functions allow you to conveniently find the recording files you need.

Optimized Exportation of Recording Files 

The new function allowing recordings to be exported to local folders on the NAS significantly enhances the speed of the exporting process.

Increased Number of Supported Cameras for Individual Devices
Series Current Number of Cameras New Number of Cameras Note
AS70 49 64 With 8 GB memory
AS61/62 25 36 With 8 GB memory
AS50/51 25 30 With 8 GB memory
AS31/32 16 25
  1. The maximum number of camera channels is determined by the test results of each channel (based on 720P (1280x720)、30 FPS、H.264). Actual performance may differ according to camera settings and NAS load conditions.
Supports Numerous New Camera Models

Surveillance Center 2.6 Beta adds over 32 different compatible camera models from world renowned brands including Axis,D-Link,INSTAR,LG.

Are You Ready to Experience The Surveillance Center 2.6 Beta?