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musescore asustor NAS App



MUseScore : https://musescore.org

You create, play and print beautiful sheet music

1. If you want to move the window, please press alt key when you click & drag the mouse cursor. it will move the top windows.

2. Press N keyboard, then you will be able use keyboard to write sheet music

3. MuseScore support two I/O modes

It can be adjusted from Edit\Preferences\I/O menu

- ALSA audio

- Jack audio server (default setting for MuseScore on ASUSTOR NAS)

** If you want to use mini keyboard, you should choose ALSA audio **

(Make sure parameter for ALSA are:

sample rate: 48000, Fragments:2 Period Size:1024 )

PS: I had tried Korg Nano Key

4. MuseScore support SoundsFont, so you can open Mixer to choose different sounds for instrument to

play your songs.

Please go to Menu View\Mixer to open it

5. If you want to have piano keyboad on bottom , please go to Menu View\Piano Keyboard

6. Portal issues:

ASUSTOR portal will adjust the top windows to max size usually.

The window might be maximized .

You can got to ADM\ASUSTOR Portal to disable 'over scan'. (Over Scan=None)

What's new in this version?

Add support for AS63/AS64

musescore asustor NAS App