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About This App

SickChill asustor NAS App



The ultimate PVR application that searches for and manages your TV shows.
Automatically finds new and old episodes for you and it works with your current download client!
Extended support for XEM, Torrents and more!
Default Port: 7073
Auto-Updates via pip on each start (64 bit only. 32 bit capped to Version 2021.3.28.post3)
The App take more times to complete installation, please enable the App to complete the installation if it's disabled after upgrade or installation.

What's new in this version?

V 20230921: Fix venv import to use virtualenv. Fix issues with _cffi_backend failing to import.
V 20220425: Change Daemon to service name (for 64 bit) and prevent update on 32 bit systems (capped to 2021.3.28.post3).
V 20200928: Change start script to return 0 on start if service running.
V 20200926: Fix issue with lxml import.
V 20200909: Remove git dependency. Install and update using pip through Entware.
V 20190226: Install repository direct from webserver before asking to reboot.
V 20190225: Changed default fork to support SickChill.
V 20180621: Fixed start of Forks with renamed daemon script and added aarch64 support.
V 20180612: Fixed Python Export.
V 20151227: Allow user to choose SickRage version to install via web link.
V 20151005: Add arm support.
V 20150824: Fix Error with PythonPath export.
V 20150822: Added pyOpenSSL module for Python 2.7.10.
V 20150214: Added unrar binary for Unrar support.
V 20150125: Strip extra settings for new install. Prevent failure to load with config changes.
v 20141223: Change github repository to new SICKRAGETV location.
v 20141114: Change github repository to new SickRage location.

SickChill asustor NAS App