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2021-02-02 AS-U2.5G2 – Daha Güçlü, Daha Hafif, Daha Verimli
2020-12-15 PCMag, Lockerstor 2’yi Editörün Tercihi ile Ödüllendirdi
2020-12-10 Google Photos Sunsetting Unlimited Storage
2020-09-17 18TB Seagate Ironwolf Sürücüleri Artık ASUSTOR NAS'ta Kullanım için Sertifikalı
2020-09-10 ASUSTOR Live, Facebook ve Instagram Canlı Yayın Desteği Ekliyor
2020-07-21 Lockerstor 12R Pro and 16R Pro Fill Your Racks with Storage
2020-07-09 The Lockerstor 2 and 4 are here - Bringing Double Performance, and SSD Caching to the Small Business
2020-06-24 ASUSTOR’s NAS Solutions Enhance Collaboration Capabilities for Adobe Creative Cloud Video Applications.
2020-06-03 ASUSTOR, her zamankinden daha yüksek hızlar için Intel Xeon CPU özellikli Lockerstor 10 Pro'yu Piyasaya Sürdü
2020-05-28 ADM 3.5 is Here
2020-05-06 Intelligently View, Store, and Back Up Photos with the All-New Photo Gallery 3 Beta and AiFoto 3
2020-04-28 Work from Home Easily and Efficiently
2020-04-09 ADM 3.5 Beta is Here
2020-02-25 Data Deposit Box is Now Available for ASUSTOR
2020-01-16 Simplify Your Backups and Live Streams with these Three New Apps from ASUSTOR
2019-12-23 Introducing New Apps and the Lockerstor 8 and 10. Making ASUSTOR More Versatile than Ever
2019-12-17 Gotta Go Fast – ASUSTOR Releases its Fastest NAS Device Ever, the Lockerstor 10 Pro
2019-12-05 Nimbustor 2 Among the Best Tech Products of 2019
2019-11-25 The Lockerstor 8 and 10 Have Arrived with All Business in the Front and no party in the Back!
2019-10-23 Nimbustor 2 and 4 Rated as Among Top Five NAS Devices by PC Mag in 2019
2019-09-18 Break the Gigabit Barrier With the New ASUSTOR AS-U2.5G
2019-09-17 ASUSTOR Inc. Product Reliability Statement
2019-07-24 Better Btrfs Speeds, Kernel Updates Mean ADM 3.4 is Here!
2019-07-15 Special Announcement: Steps on how to protect your data with ASUSTOR.
2019-05-22 ADM 3.3 is here!
2019-05-14 A New Year, A New Name - ASUSTOR Welcomes The Nimbustor 2 and Nimbustor 4 to the ASUSTOR Family.
2019-05-08 Come and be Our Roonmate for 30 days by Downloading Roon Server on ADM Today!
2019-04-30 Long Time No See! Come In and see us at Computex where ASUSTOR Has a New Multi-Gigabit NAS For You!
2019-04-29 Enjoy Plex Pass Free* for Thirty Days with Plex and ASUSTOR.
2019-01-10 ASUSTOR adds support for Seagate IronWolf® 110 SSDs!
2019-01-08 ASUSTOR AS3202T & AS6302T Wins Recognition of “The BEST NAS Devices for 2019”
2018-12-26 ADM 3.3 Beta is here!
2018-10-23 ASUSTOR releases the long awaited 10-Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Card!
2018-09-04 ADM 3.2 makes life easier than ever with the release of and EZ Sync!
2018-08-02 ADM 3.1.5 RJ42 now brings patches to various vulnerabilities!
2018-07-11 ASUSTOR Makes the Best Even Better. The New AS3102T v2 and AS3204T v2 Redefine the Enthusiast NAS.
2018-07-03 From zero to ten thousand in under one second, ASUSTOR’s newest NAS now comes with 10gb Ethernet!
2018-06-06 ASUSTOR shows off the goods at Computex 2018! Come fly among the clouds with ASUSTOR at Computex 2018!
2018-05-23 ASUSTOR releases the all new AS1002T v2 and AS1004T v2. Familiar, yet better!
2018-05-08 ASUSTOR NAS devices now verified faster than Sonic the Hedgehog! Come see our newest line of 10GbE NAS at Computex 2018!
2018-03-27 ASUSTOR Launches ADM 3.1 Today
2018-02-13 ASUSTOR responds to Intel Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities
2017-12-27 ASUSTOR and Microsoft, Expanding NAS Functionality With exFAT
2017-12-19 ASUSTOR Launches ADM 3.1 Beta
2017-12-18 ASUSTOR Releases Surveillance Center 2.8
2017-11-29 ASUSTOR Responds to Intel’s CPU Security Flaw Announcement
2017-10-24 ASUSTOR Announces Official Release of Surveillance Center 2.7
2017-09-14 ASUSTOR Announces Official Release of Linux Center
2017-08-24 ASUSTOR Announces Official Launch of ADM 3.0
2017-08-15 ASUSTOR Collaborates with IDrive to Provide Comprehensive Cloud Backup Service
2017-08-02 ASUSTOR and NAKIVO Launch Comprehensive Virtual Machine Backup Solution
2017-07-25 Asustor And Seagate Technology Bring Ironwolf Health Management To Asustor Nas
2017-07-11 ASUSTOR Partners with DriveSavers to Provide Users with Data Recovery Service
2017-07-05 ASUSTOR and Dahua Technology Partner to Create Surveillance Solution
2017-06-06 ASUSTOR Releases Surveillance Center 2.7 Beta, A Highly Efficient Cloud Surveillance Experience
2017-05-31 ASUSTOR Debuts New Flagship NAS Models, ADM 3.0 and Surveillance Center 2.7 at Computex 2017
2017-05-24 Don’t WannaCry! ASUSTOR NAS Keeps Your Data Safe and Secure
2017-05-23 ASUSTOR Adds Powerful NAS Models Featuring Intel® Core™ i5 Quad-Core Processors: AS7004T-i5 and AS7010T-i5
2017-05-16 ASUSTOR to Debut New NAS Models at Computex 2017 Featuring WOW (Wake On WAN) Technology
2017-05-10 ASUSTOR Launches AS6004U Storage Capacity Expansion Unit
2017-05-09 ASUSTOR Launches New-Look ADM 3.0 Beta Featuring Intuitive Enhancements
2017-05-02 ASUSTOR Launches AS6302T and AS6404T Featuring Powerful Hardware and Software Enhancements
2017-01-31 Enjoy Brilliant Digital Entertainment with ASUSTOR’s New LooksGood 2.0 Beta
2017-01-11 ASUSTOR Launches ADM 2.7 Beta with Four New Innovations
2016-11-30 ASUSTOR Launches Surveillance Center 2.6 Beta Featuring Centralized Management Software CMS Lite
2016-11-28 ASUSTOR Announces Support for ElephantDrive Cloud Backup Service
2016-11-01 ASUSTOR Launches the Enterprise-Class High Capacity AS6212RD
2016-10-31 ASUSTOR Releases New and Improved SoundsGood 2.0 Beta App
2016-09-13 ASUSTOR Launches New AS6204RS and AS6204RD Rackmount Models Featuring Intel Braswell Quad-Core Processors
2016-09-07 ASUSTOR Announces Support for hubiC Cloud Storage
2016-08-22 ASUSTOR Enhances User Experience with ASUSTOR Portal 2.0
2016-08-10 ASUSTOR Announces Compatibility with Seagate IronWolf 10 TB NAS Hard Disks
2016-07-27 ASUSTOR to Exhibit at IFA 2016 in Berlin, Germany
2016-07-26 ASUSTOR Launches Comprehensive Security Upgrades with ADM 2.6.3
2016-07-12 ASUSTOR’s AS6202T Receives Hot Product Award from APC Magazine Australia
2016-05-31 ASUSTOR Unveils new Flagship NAS Models, ADM 3.0 and CMS Lite at Computex 2016
2016-05-04 ASUSTOR Releases Surveillance Center 2.5 Beta
2016-05-03 ASUSTOR NAS Enhances Multimedia Applications, Upgrades LooksGood and AiVideos
2016-04-26 ASUSTOR to Exhibit at Computex 2016 from Within the ASUS Booth
2016-04-12 ASUSTOR Launches Powerful High Capacity AS6208T and AS6210T
2016-03-29 ASUSTOR Launches Economical Entry-Level Quad-Core AS3202T and AS3204T NAS Models
2016-03-02 ASUSTOR Enhances Core Functions With New ADM 2.6 Beta
2016-01-27 ASUSTOR NAS Adds Comprehensive Search App QuikFynd
2016-01-21 ASUSTOR Releases Photo Gallery 2.0 Beta
2015-12-14 ASUSTOR Offers Kodi 16 Beta Along With Support for H.265 4K Multimedia Playback
2015-11-30 ASUSTOR Completes Integration with DIGITUS IP Cameras
2015-10-14 ASUSTOR Collaborates With PLANET to Create Cloud Surveillance Solution
2015-10-12 ASUSTOR Launches 31 Series, Economical and Powerful 4K Multimedia NAS
2015-09-30 ASUSTOR Releases Surveillance Center 2.4 Beta
2015-09-21 ASUSTOR, Modern Elmas Kapak Tasarımı ve Kapsamlı İşlevselliği ile 10 Serisi Cihazlarını Duyurdu
2015-09-08 ASUSTOR First in the Industry to Support Brand-New Kodi 15
2015-09-01 ASUSTOR Launches the World's First Intel Braswell Powered NAS
2015-08-26 ASUSTOR Releases ADM 2.5 Beta
2015-08-03 ASUSTOR Officially Launches Surveillance Center 2.3
2015-06-30 ASUSTOR to Exhibit Professional Surveillance Solution at the Axis Solution Conference 2015
2015-06-02 Brand New ASUSTOR NAS Products Make Stunning Debut at Computex 2015
2015-05-26 ASUSTOR and Seagate to Exhibit Professional Enterprise and Surveillance Storage Solution at Computex 2015
2015-05-25 ASUSTOR Release Surveillance Center 2.3 Beta
2015-04-30 ASUSTOR to Bring New Cutting-Edge NAS Products to Computex 2015
2015-04-29 ASUSTOR’s AiVideos Adds Support for Chromecast Multimedia Streaming Playback
2015-04-07 ASUSTOR LooksGood Uygulamasını Media Çeviri Desteği ile Yükseltiyor
2015-03-31 ASUSTOR Announces Official Launch Of ADM 2.4
2015-02-24 ASUSTOR Launches Surveillance Center 2.2
2015-02-11 ASUSTOR Launches Exclusive Mobile NAS Management App AiMaster
2015-02-09 ASUSTOR Releases ADM 2.4 Beta Version
2015-01-29 NAS cihazları üzerinde Kodi uygulamasını ilk destekleyen ASUSTOR
2015-01-27 ASUSTOR Adds 4 New Tower Models to 50T/51T Enterprise-Class Series
2015-01-20 ASUSTOR Joins ASUS’s Russian Service Network
2015-01-14 ASUSTOR and DIGIEVER Create Optimal Surveillance Storage Solution
2015-01-06 ASUSTOR Unveils Trendsetting NAS 4K Multimedia Solutions at CES 2015
2014-12-16 ASUSTOR Yeni Yüksek Hızlı 50T ve 51T NAS serilerini 2 ve 4 Disk Yuvalı olarak duyuruyor
2014-12-09 ASUSTOR, Tüm NAS Cihazları için ADM 2.3 Sürümünü Duyuruyor
2014-11-27 ASUSTOR to Debut New NAS Applications at CES 2015
2014-11-25 ASUSTOR Releases Surveillance Center 2.2 Beta
2014-11-06 ASUSTOR Officially Joins AXIS’s Application Development Partner (ADP) Program
2014-11-04 ASUSTOR Releases AiSecure Mobile Surveillance App
2014-10-28 ASUSTOR Adds New AS7004T Tower Model to 70T Series
2014-10-21 ASUSTOR Launches Enterprise-Class AS70R Rackmount NAS Models
2014-10-02 ASUSTOR NAS Devices Not Affected by ShellShock Bash Bug
2014-09-23 ASUSTOR Kurumsal ve Multimedya Uygulamaları için tasarlanmış Yüksek Performansa sahip AS7008T ve AS7010T Modellerini duyurdu
2014-09-09 ASUSTOR Adds Compatibility for Hikvision IP Cameras
2014-09-02 ASUSTOR Camera Channel Licenses Now Available for Purchase
2014-08-19 ASUSTOR Ürün Garantisinin 3 Yıl olarak Genişletiyor
2014-07-30 ASUSTOR Announces Compatibility for New WD Red® Pro 4 TB, 3 TB, 2 TB and WD Red 6 TB, 5 TB NAS Hard Drives
2014-07-22 AS-202TE Receives Editors’ Choice Award from PC Magazine
2014-07-21 ASUSTOR Cloud Connect Service Interruption Notification
2014-07-15 ASUSTOR Launches AiFoto Mobile App
2014-07-11 ADM 2.0 Service Announcement
2014-07-08 ASUSTOR Announces External CD/DVD/Blu-ray Optical Drive Compatibility
2014-07-01 ASUSTOR Officially Releases ADM 2.2
2014-06-26 ASUSTOR Adds Compatibility for Grandstream IP Cameras
2014-06-24 ASUSTOR Launches Surveillance Center 2.1 Beta Version
2014-06-04 ASUSTOR Showcases New Enterprise-Class NAS Series and ADM 2.2 at Computex 2014
2014-05-29 ASUSTOR To Exhibit Enterprise-Class Cloud Storage Solution at Computex 2014
2014-05-28 ASUSTOR Announces Added Compatibility with Toshiba Hard Drives
2014-05-26 ASUSTOR Launches Economical Rackmount AS-204RS NAS Server
2014-05-20 ASUSTOR Releases ADM 2.2 Beta Version