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Compatibility - IP Camera

ASUSTOR is devoted to providing you with the most reliable surveillance solutions. We support all the major well-known brands currently on the market. You can use the list below to search for cameras that best suit to your needs or to check compatibility with your existing equipment.

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Last Update: 2023-07-10
Brand Model Type Video Codec Audio Alarm Trigger Wireless Remark
Skywatch HomeCam Cube Camera MJPEG, MPEG4
Skywatch ProCam Cube Camera MJPEG, MPEG4, H264
Brand Description
  • Model: HomeCam
  • Type: Cube Camera
  • Video Codec: MJPEG, MPEG4
  • Audio:
  • Alarm Trigger:
  • Wireless: -
  • Skywatch
  • Model: ProCam
  • Type: Cube Camera
  • Video Codec: MJPEG, MPEG4, H264
  • Audio:
  • Alarm Trigger:
  • Wireless: