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NAS 248

How to use AiVideos on Apple TV

Using Apple TV to play videos straight from your NAS.


Upon completion of this course you should be able to:
1. Use Apple TV to play videos straight from your NAS.


Course Prerequisites:
NAS 138 Introduction to LooksGood

Students are expected to have a working knowledge of:



1. Preparing your NAS

Before using AiVideos on Apple TV, please confirm the following:

  • Your NAS has been updated to ADM 3.0 or above.
  • You have installed LooksGood 2.0.0.R45 or above.
  • You are using a fourth generation Apple TV or above.
  • Your Apple TV has already been set up.

2. Install and Connect

2.1 Installing AiVideos on your Apple TV


  • Turn on your Apple TV.
  • Select App Store and search for AiVideos.
  • Press install.

2.2 Connecting to your NAS via AiVideos

Upon logging in for the first time. AiVideos will automatically search for existing NAS devices within your network. The IP address of the NAS will be listed. Click on the IP address that corresponds to your NAS device and enter the password when prompted. If your NAS device doesn’t appear, you may manually input the IP address and password on the left as shown below.

  • Open AiVideos
  • Input NAS device IP address or URL.
    E.g.: 192.16.x.xxx or (yourCloudID.myasustor.com)
  • Input NAS password.
  • Click Login.

After logging in for the first time, AiVideos will remember your NAS and list it on the right, under Server List.
You will be able to select “Login”, “Load”, or “delete”.

3. AiVideos for tvOS UI

AiVideos synchronizes your data on the NAS with the LooksGood app installed on your NAS. To manage your collection, please use LooksGood.

Main Page:


Media Explorer:



Video Information:

4. Toggling Subtitles During Playback

If your video has subtitles, please confirm that your subtitle files are in the same folder with the same name.
During playback, slide down the remote control panel, and select the subtitle options. From there, select the subtitle file and press OK.

5. Remote Control

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