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Media Review

6 Awards



"Network attached storage devices and full on computers aren't much different these days. Take the ASUSTOR AS-7008T 8 bay NAS device for example: you can just add some storage to it, configure the way you want the NAS to work and tuck it away in a corner, doing storage things. Or you can configure it as a powerful business tool with web... More » "

Geekzone, New Zealand 2015-04


Gold Award

"Besides excellent hardware ASUSTOR provides the user with a comprehensive and user-friendly operating system, the new ADM 2.3 (due out soon also is the new update to 2.4) that allows you to navigate through the various features of the NAS with ease. It is easy to use even for users not accustomed to these types of products. What's more, the... More » "

Inside Hardware, Italy 2015-02


High Performance Award

"A really high performance server with great functionality provided by ADM. The hardware supports solutions related stricty to the data center market (e.g., expandable hardware with 10GbE interfaces) and the software provides much value. More » "

PurePC, Poland 2015-01


Hands on review

"The AS7008T scored well on two fronts. A Haswell processor made a difference performance-wise and its web UI was both intuitive and useful. The AS7008 delivered solid performance and has a great feature set. For business users wanting a no compromise option for setting up shared file access, the AS7008T is a great option. More » "

TechDay, New Zealand 2014-12



"Haswell ensure better performance for many workloads compared to the competition. The ADM OS is very pleasing to use (particularly when compared to other fledgling OSes such as the Seagate NAS OS). 'System Migration' from existing low-bay count Asustor NAS units was quite easy (We tested it out by moving the disks from the Asustor... More » "

AnandTech, US 2014-11


Platinum Award

"Metal case is well made, very durable and rigid Build quality is worthy of note Excellent quality of components Excellent stability of the network connection Great operating system in ADM 2.3, fast and responsive Excellent ventilation system Large number of functions available Excellent performance Rich and very intuitive web interface... More » "

HW Legend, Italy 2014-11