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Media Review

16 Awards
Top 5 NAS for home and small businesses. asustor NAS


Top 5 NAS for home and small businesses.

"An inexpensive four bay NAS to create a large data storage solution with good protection against failure - eg RAID 5.  More » "

Benchmark, Poland 2018-06
Top Notch 5 star Award asustor NAS


Top Notch 5 star Award

"The ASUSTOR (ASUS-STORAGE), made both for video surveillance and business at the same time, fills the need for storage. And the ASUSTOR AS3104T just couldn’t be any better. More » "

PC Buyer's Guide, Philippines 2017-03
Worth Buying Award asustor NAS


Worth Buying Award

" A very capable four-bay NAS that has the home entertainment environment at its heart. More » "

KitGuru, UK 2016-09
Overall rating 4.5/5 stars asustor NAS


Overall rating 4.5/5 stars

"A NAS with a variety of features, great potential capacity and ability to play the role of HTPC. More » "

PCMag, Greece 2016-08
Bang for Buck Award asustor NAS


Bang for Buck Award

"The AS3104T provides excellent storage features as well as VMs, Direct Usage with 4K, and HTPC replacement. Everything you need in a small and efficient box. More » "

eTeknix, UK 2016-08
Excellent Choice Award asustor NAS


Excellent Choice Award

"We’re very impressed with the performance and potential applications of the ASUSTOR AS3104T NAS, so we decided to award it the Hardware.Info Excellent Choice Award. More » "

Hardware.Info, UK 2016-07
5 Stars  asustor NAS


5 Stars

"The SOC embedded is highly efficient and provides sufficient resources for home use with confidence. More » "

Comptoir du Hardware, France 2016-06
Recommended asustor NAS



"We recommend so to all those wanting a true multimedia NAS four bays and on a tight budget. More » "

59Hardware, France 2016-06
Review asustor NAS



"ADM is fully multifunctional operating system operated from a web browser. Its operation is intuitive, and the built-in help system makes it easy to manage for users. Additionally available are applications designed for mobile devices that allow users to remotely manage the server from anywhere in t ... More » "

CDRinfo, Poland 2016-05
Review asustor NAS



"With the AS3104T, ASUSTOR intends to offer the public an easy to use and inexpensive NAS, but also powerful enough to perform its role without fail every day, including playing video as media center. On this last point, the contract is fulfilled. You can use Kodi by directly connecting the NAS to yo ... More » "

Mac Generation, France 2016-05
Excellent Choice Award asustor NAS


Excellent Choice Award

"The ASUSTOR AS3104T NAS offers pretty good performance for 389 euros thanks to the dual-core Celeron processor and 2 GB of memory on board. The ADM environment is pleasant to work with and offers plenty of opportunities. The HDMI connector is a nice extra, thus you can use the NAS combined with the ... More » "

Hardware.Info, Netherlands 2016-04
Gold Award asustor NAS


Gold Award

"The ASUSTOR AS3104T is powered by the excellent ADM 2.5, which is now a guarantee of quality, power and versatility. More » "

XtremeHardware, Italy 2016-04
Highly recommended for home asustor NAS


Highly recommended for home

"The 4-bay unit can also output video signal on HDMI and the server can be operated this way without the need of a PC in order to work with other media-center applications. If we do not have the server placed in a convenient area near the TV screen, we can always use the supplied ADM modules for work ... More » "

Madshrimps, US 2016-03
Silver Award asustor NAS


Silver Award

" This is the first ASUSTOR NAS I’ve had my hands on, and all I can say is that, it’s approved! Everything works super smoothly and without any conflicts of any sorts. The menus are super easy to navigate through, and everything is placed where intuitive. ASUSTOR has really made a point of the f ... More » "

ElektronikTest, Denmark 2016-02
Score 4.5 stars asustor NAS


Score 4.5 stars

"With the AS3104T, ASUSTOR offers a great NAS with high performance, a lightweight and responsive operating system in ADM, lots of features, ultra quiet operation, and a nice TV interface that allows you to enjoy all your multimedia content no matter if they are HD or 4K without any lag or overheatin ... More » "

PC Comparatif, France 2016-01
Supreme Value Award asustor NAS


Supreme Value Award

"Overall the ASUSTOR AS3104T can’t be beaten on value and is clearly the best budget multimedia focused NAS on the market right now. Having spent the past few weeks playing around with the AS3104T we have no real complaints, upgradable memory would have been nice but it certainly isn’t a deal bre ... More » "

Legion Hardware, Australia 2015-12