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Media Review

26 Awards
Best geeky gadgets asustor NAS


Best geeky gadgets

"It’s got capacity to meet my needs now, into the foreseeable future and protects my data well More » "

Ausdroid , Australia 2019-12
AS5304T NAS Review — Massive functionality to meet almost any need asustor NAS


AS5304T NAS Review — Massive functionality to meet almost any need

"The physical installation of drives in this NAS was so simple. It’s all clip together, screw-less installation and it was fast… very fast! More » "

Ausdroid, Australia 2019-11
Nimbustor 4 AS5304T NAS is one of the best-looking 4-Bay NAS in the market and will be a contained unit that blends nicely and neatly in most office environments. asustor NAS


Nimbustor 4 AS5304T NAS is one of the best-looking 4-Bay NAS in the market and will be a contained unit that blends nicely and neatly in most office environments.

" Nimbustor 4 AS5304T NAS is one of the best-looking 4-Bay NAS in the market and will be a contained unit that blends nicely and neatly in most office environments. More » "

thestreamingblog, Australia 2019-11
Review asustor NAS

AS1002T v2


"Overall, if you’re someone searching for a file storage that provides you with excellence, efficiency, and entertainment as well, then we highly recommend the AS1002T V2 from ASUSTOR. More » "

The Streaming Blog, Australia 2018-11
Video review: recommended NAS asustor NAS


Video review: recommended NAS

"Here is something that in the NAS world represents such good value for money, that I really couldn't fault the AS4000T for anything... The implementation of the UI, the features, the speeds, the consistency, the build quality, the hot swap bays, the automatic plug and play and extra features like ma ... More » "

Tech Yes City, Australia 2018-09
Recommended Award asustor NAS


Recommended Award

"The ASUSTOR AS4002T excels as a no frills storage solution. If you’re looking for fast affordable networked storage, this is as good as it gets. It doesn’t have the bells and whistles of some units, but if you’re looking for a unit that fulfils its role as network attached storage then the AS4 ... More » "

PC & Tech Authority, Australia 2018-09
KICKS ASS Award asustor NAS



"A very powerful, efficient, and durable NAS that is easy to setup, the ASUSTOR AS6404T is well-suited for both office and home use; and with how excellent it performs, we definitely recommend this NAS device. More » "

The Streaming Blog, Australia 2018-02
Hot Product, April Issue#427 asustor NAS


Hot Product, April Issue#427

"Flagship performance for home and media use, without an excessive price premium. The ADM OS on the AS6202T is solid and easy to use, and there is a range of very good iOS and Android apps available for personal cloud and mobile use. More » "

APC Magazine, Australia 2016-07
Hot Product Award asustor NAS


Hot Product Award

"AS3102T this two-bay AS could be your new media hub. This dual-bay NAS is a potent combination: versatile, affordable and high-performance. More » "

APC Magazine, Australia 2016-02
Hot Product Award asustor NAS


Hot Product Award

"AS5002T: Meaty two-bay NAS for home or office. Out of the box, the performance is pretty impressive, with the possible exception of its 4K read performance; however, the 4K write performance is strong in both RAID0 and RAID1. More » "

APC Magazine, Australia 2015-12
Supreme Value Award asustor NAS


Supreme Value Award

"Overall the ASUSTOR AS3104T can’t be beaten on value and is clearly the best budget multimedia focused NAS on the market right now. Having spent the past few weeks playing around with the AS3104T we have no real complaints, upgradable memory would have been nice but it certainly isn’t a ... More » "

Legion Hardware, Australia 2015-12
Review asustor NAS



"The ASUSTOR AS6202T performed exceptionally well in most of our tests and quickly proved that it can hang with Synology’s latest flagship 2-bay NAS, the DS715. The AS6202T has the added benefit of HDMI support @ 4K making it a viable alternative to a HTPC. At its heart the Braswell N3150 quad- ... More » "

Legion Hardware, Australia 2015-11
Highly recommendation asustor NAS


Highly recommendation

"It is ideally suited for the home environment especially with the inclusion of the optional remote control (which is a first in any of the NAS units that we have reviewed). At the same time if you run a small to medium business this particular model would be ideally suited for most if not all of you ... More » "

DigitalReviews, Australia 2015-10
APC Hot Product asustor NAS


APC Hot Product

"4.5 out of 5 stars out of 10 NASes AS5004T: A NAS with the media centric features you need. Verdict: High end features for a surprisingly affordable price tag. More » "

APC Magazine, Australia 2015-07
Product intro asustor NAS

AS-302T, AS-304T

Product intro

"Affordable NAS boxes:Get more digital storage for the whole house. AS-302T: with real time 1080P video transcoding AS-304T: focused on your media addiction More » "

TechLife, Australia 2015-03
Review asustor NAS



"The management interface – called ADM, which Asustor’s customized linux – is easy to navigate and responsive. It’s obvious where each setting can be found, and I had no issues with it at all. More » "

Makeuseof, Australia 2015-02
Reviews with high rating asustor NAS


Reviews with high rating

"This is one of the best NAS devices on the market if you're after something that's not only quick, but also capable of being many things. Use it as a media centre, use it to set up servers, use it to handle your downloads, and use it remotely. More » "

PC World, Australia 2015-02
Recommended asustor NAS



"Issue#411 ASUSTOR puts in an amazingly strong showing for its price bracket. Recommended. More » "

APC Magazine, Australia 2015-01
Supreme Value Award  asustor NAS


Supreme Value Award

"Overall the AS5104T is the ultimate NAS, offering users serious performance at a currently unbeatable price. The AS5104T is ideal for business use as well as home multimedia applications, making it highly flexible. ASUSTOR also offers a 3 year warranty, which is more generous than the 2 year warrant ... More » "

Legion Hardware, Australia 2015-01
Must Have Award asustor NAS


Must Have Award

"ASUSTOR has shown a strong commitment to keeping their software up to date by adding new features and squashing any bugs. The new ADM 2.3 software is excellent and we really appreciated the revamped design. The fact that existing customers using products based on the more affordable 2 and 3 series c ... More » "

Legion Hardware, Australia 2014-12
Supreme Value Award asustor NAS


Supreme Value Award

"Therefore in terms of performance the AS-204TE is right up there and is arguably better value than the more expensive AS-304T. Moreover it had no trouble wiping the floor with QNAP’s new TS-421, for roughly the same price the AS-204TE provided considerably better performance in most tests. With A ... More » "

Legion Hardware, Australia 2014-03
Editor's Choice Award asustor NAS


Editor's Choice Award

"The 2-bay ASUSTOR AS-202TE is a feature-packed NAS device, thanks mainly to an app environment that allows many different functions to be added, depending on your needs. It's well built, easy to use, and we think it's among the best NAS devices aimed at home users. More » "

GoodGearGuide, Australia 2014-03
Editor's Choice Award asustor NAS


Editor's Choice Award

"AS-202TE, the ultimate collection of home cinema NAS features More » "

TechLife, Australia 2014-01
Review asustor NAS



"This 4-bay NAS unit adds great consumer appeal by doubling as a media centre. A few smart additions turn what would otherwise be a regular 4-bay NAS into a great home-theatre PC, helping justify its cost and reducing your living-room tech clutter. More » "

GoodGearGuide, Australia 2013-11
Supreme Value Award asustor NAS


Supreme Value Award

"What made the ASUSTOR AS-304T such an attractive product for us was the price tag, at $520 it is one of the cheapest Atom powered NAS devices we have tested. Furthermore there are few high-end 4-bay Atom powered NAS devices that are available for such a competitive price. Given the performance we s ... More » "

Legion Hardware, Australia 2013-09
Review asustor NAS



"In terms of hardware and software features the ASUSTOR AS-606T is well equipped. The LCD screen is a nice touch, as is the inclusion of a front and rear mounted USB 3.0 port. In fact that is something that has really annoyed us about the latest Synology DSx13 series, as the models that do feature fr ... More » "

Legion Hardware, Australia 2013-04