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myHD asustor NAS App

myHD (Beta)


myHD ...
2.x .... version for A.D.M. 4.x
Webui user : myhd ; password : asusfr1
Asportal (some limited Applications (kodi19, etc.)
Idesk (Asportal replacement) ALL Application (base : Ubuntu 20.04 L.T.S.
Idesk support decoration, taskbar, menu, Pulse control, clipboard, direct URL icon (no prog.)

What's new in this version?

solve bugs ... resolve cosmetic
add support for new WebUI as independent APKG (if command line is not a problem for you
start Idesk immediately if Asportal is not installed
add possibility to use cron to update regularly Ubuntu et keep all the time the security and applications update

solve bugs
add functions to Idesk (clipboard, etc.)
Please do : myHD apt_upgrade_package BEFORE upgrading to reduce install time)