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Photo Gallery 3 asustor NAS App

Photo Gallery 3


Photo Gallery 3 allows you to create a unique timeline network photo album that you can share with your family and friends.
1. Photo Gallery 3 supports all ASUSTOR NAS devices.
2. After just installed Photo Gallery 3, Photo Gallery 3 or AiFoto3 cannot display any photos or albums because of thumbnail and index making, and all thumbnails will be re-generated again. It might take one day for thumbnails making for entry-level NAS.
3. Photo Gallery 3 must be used in conjunction with AiFoto 3.
4. At present, the instant upload backup of mobile phone photos will generate SmartUpload folders on the NAS. Each folder has a maximum of 999, so if you have many photos to upload at the same time; for example, 4000 photos on the mobile phone, it will cut into five folders.
New features for Photo Gallery 3 include, but are not limited to custom folder selection, timelines, smart albums.
Key features for the Photo Gallery 3:
- Quickly find and view photos from a specific date in AiFoto 3¡¦s timeline.
- Photo Gallery 3 sorts your photos in a smarter way. Smart albums found in Photo Gallery 3 include places, videos, recently added and favorites.
- Supports shared folder structure with 'Folders' mode
- Now able to select any shared folder on a NAS for storing photos.
- Easily adjustable preview sizes and modes. Includes adjusting by day, month and year.
- Easily find photos by keyword search.
- Selecting multiple photos to rotate,tag, add to favorites and share.
- Slideshow viewing mode with playing favorite songs
- Supports a wide range of image formats: RAW, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF,HEIC
- Easily understand photo metadata as well as edit photo descriptions to make photo identification easier.

What's new in this version?

version: 3.1.1.r372

- New feature: support auto-creating a mobile auto backup folder by different mobile devices under the Smart upload folder on the NAS.
(Need update AiFoto 3 to 3.0.11 as well)
-Fixed some thumbnails issue
-Fixed some EZ Connect and DDNS share links unable to download issue.
-Miscellaneous minor issues fixed

Version: 3.1.1.r352
- Fixed share link display issue.

Version: 3.1.1.r351
- Add edit date & time feature.
- Add share link management.
- Fixed rotation issue due to ADM update.
- Fixed the thumbnails issue due to ADM update.

Version: 3.1.1.r313

- Update for ADM 4.0.

Photo Gallery 3 asustor NAS App