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O AS-U2.5G2 - Mais forte, mais leve, mais eficiente

Atualize instantaneamente quase qualquer dispositivo de computação pessoal com o novo e aprimorado AS-U2.5G2. Agora, com um adaptador USB Tipo A, caixa de alumínio e controlador Realtek mais eficiente, desfrute de mais do que o dobro da velocidade do Gigabit Ethernet tradicional em dispositivos com nada mais do que uma porta USB.

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PCMag Awards the Lockerstor 2 the Editors' Choice Award

  Taipei, Taiwan - 15 December 2020 - The ASUSTOR Lockerstor 2 recently was selected to receive the Editors' Choice award by PCMag. The Lockerstor 2 with its 2.5-Gigabit ports, a Gemini Lake Intel Celeron Quad-Core processor, 4GB of DDR4 memory and dual M.2 NVMe SSD slots provide

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Google Photos Sunsetting Unlimited Storage

ASUSTOR NAS devices provide a complete photo storage solution. Easily create your own photo space that backs up, maintains your photos both locally and remotely. With the sunset of unlimited storage on Google Photos, an ASUSTOR NAS has never been a better choice.

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18TB Seagate Ironwolf Drives Now Certified for Use on ASUSTOR NAS

Taipei, Taiwan - 17 September 2020 - ASUSTOR Inc. today is proud to announce that Seagate’s ST18000NE000 IronWolf® Pro 18TB hard drives have been rigorously tested and are now certified for use with a variety of ASUSTOR NAS devices. Owners of the AS4002T, AS4004T, Nimbustor 2 and

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ASUSTOR Live adiciona suporte Live Streaming do Facebook e Instagram

ASUSTOR Live adiciona suporte para plataformas de live streaming do Facebook, Instagram e Restream para ajudar os criadores de conteúdos audiovisuais a fazer transmissões em direto com maior alcance.

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Lockerstor 12R Pro and 16R Pro Fill Your Racks with Storage

The Lockerstor 12R Pro and 16R Pro are here and bring the power of the Lockerstor 10 Pro to the server room. These two powerhouses come in either a 2U or 3U rackmount form factor and feature 9th Generation Coffee Lake Xeon Quad-Core processors and ECC UDIMM RAM. Featuring PCIe slots for 10/25/40/50-Gigabit Ethernet cards, SAS cards, M.2 NVMe slots for SSD caching and USB 3.2 Gen2 ports. The sky is the limit for enterprises and ASUSTOR.

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The Lockerstor 2 and 4 are here - Bringing Double Performance, and SSD Caching to the Small Business

Intel’s newest Quad-Core Celeron CPUs for NAS devices received an upgrade in performance, bringing faster speeds to your next business NAS. Four Gigabytes of DDR4 RAM, dual M.2 NVMe slots and two 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet are installed to ensure your Lockerstor 2 and 4 handles all your data needs in a small business environment. Choose from two or four bays and take advantage of Wake on LAN and Wake on WAN technology to enable an efficient device that saves energy and money, providing small businesses with one of our most efficient storage solutions ever.

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ASUSTOR’s NAS Solutions Enhance Collaboration Capabilities for Adobe Creative Cloud Video Applications.

Taipei, Taiwan, 24 June 2020 – ASUSTOR Inc. is now included in the list of Adobe® official video and audio partners. Every ASUSTOR Network

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Run Virtual Machines and Transfer Files at Ludicrous Speed with the Lockerstor 10 Pro!

ASUSTOR has released the Lockerstor 10 Pro, a ten bay tower NAS for the most demanding of enterprise needs. The Lockerstor 10 Pro is equipped with the latest 9th generation of Intel Xeon processor. The Xeon E-2224 features four cores clocked at 3.4GHz, enhancing multi-tasking apps, such as virtualization applications as well as helps increase transfer speeds on the Aquantia 10-Gigabit Ethernet port and triple 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet ports, creating a high-speed local network environment. Eight Gigabytes of DDR4 ECC RAM is included in every Lockerstor 10 Pro and the addition of ECC RAM helps make ADM more stable by correcting memory errors in real-time. Ten bays for hard drives plus dual M.2 NVMe slots for SSD caching create an environment of maximum storage as well as maximum speed, allowing the Lockerstor 10 Pro to perfectly combine efficient computing, storage capacity and enterprise applications for the best storage experience.

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ADM 3.5 is Here

ADM 3.5 adds a Preferences Widget and makes MyArchive and File Explorer better than ever with new features!

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Intelligently View, Store, and Back Up Photos with the All-New Photo Gallery 3 Beta and AiFoto 3

Photo Gallery 3 Beta and AiFoto 3 are here and ASUSTOR invites you to experience better image management, browsing and storage. The all-new UI uses timelines to view and intelligently manage albums to make picture browsing faster and even more convenient than ever before, providing an even better experience.

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Work from Home Easily and Efficiently

ASUSTOR has a number of comprehensive solutions for those working from home. Use an ASUSTOR NAS to easily access and modify data remotely, ensuring financial stability and security of businesses and people.

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ADM 3.5 Beta is Here

ADM 3.5 Beta adds Preferences Widget and makes MyArchive and File Explorer better than ever with new features!

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Data Deposit Box is Now Available for ASUSTOR

Taipei, Taiwan, 25 Feburary 2020 – ASUSTOR Inc. is thrilled to announce that Data Deposit Box has joined the ASUSTOR family. The announcement enables ASUSTOR customers worldwide to backup, protect and synchronize their data between an ASUSTOR NAS, Data Deposit Box and other devices using the

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Simplify Your Backups and Live Streams with these Three New Apps from ASUSTOR

Three new apps released by ASUSTOR bring cloud backups together into two apps while ASUSTOR Live brings streaming and storage of live streams to various open platforms.

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Introducing New Apps and the Lockerstor 8 and 10. Making ASUSTOR More Versatile than Ever

Taipei, Taiwan 23 December 2019 ASUSTOR and Seagate co-hosted the Lockerstor 8 and 10 Storage Presentation Conference on 19 December 2019. Since the Nimbustor 2 and 4 upended the private cloud storage market, the Lockerstor 8 and 10 have been launched to show how serious ASUSTOR is in making st

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Gotta Go Fast – ASUSTOR Releases its Fastest NAS Device Ever, the Lockerstor 10 Pro

ASUSTOR is announcing the Lockerstor 10 Pro, which is equipped with a server grade Coffee Lake Quad-Core Xeon CPU, becoming the best choice for a high-performance and high-capacity NAS.

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AS5202T Among the Best Tech Products of 2019

Taipei, Taiwan, 5 December, 2019 – ASUSTOR is thrilled to announce that not only was the AS5202T awarded the Editor's Choice Award and named the Best NAS of 2019 by PCMag.com, but was also named as among the best tech products of 2019. Every year, PCMag reviews thousands of tech products

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The Lockerstor 8 and 10 Have Arrived with All Business in the Front and no party in the Back!

ASUSTOR has introduced two NAS devices designed for commercial environments with dual Intel 10GbE and dual Realtek 2.5GbE. The Lockerstor 8 and 10 is the first NAS capable of transferring up to 20 Gbps in link aggregation. Dual M.2 SSD Caching also makes an appearance with the eight and ten bay Lockerstor series to exceed the needs of today’s enterprises. The Lockerstor 8 and 10 also feature 8GB of SO-DIMM dual-channel memory, which is expandable to 64 GB as well as multiple USB ports, providing an unmatched experience for the business.

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AS5202T and AS5304T Rated as Among Top Five NAS Devices by PC Mag in 2019

Taipei, Taiwan 23 October 2019 – ASUSTOR’s latest NAS devices, the AS5202T, AS5304T and the AS4002T have had the honor to be listed as among PC Mag’s 10 Best NAS devices of 2019. The AS5202T and AS5304T are in the top five and were granted the Editor’s Choice award.

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Break the Gigabit Barrier With the New ASUSTOR AS-U2.5G

Say goodbye to Gigabit! The all-new AS-U2.5G brings 2.5-Gigabit speeds to virtually any USB-enabled device, making faster-than-ever speeds easier than ever.

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ASUSTOR Inc. Product Reliability Statement

Taipei, Taiwan, 17 September 2019 —Continuing our everlasting commitment to quality, ASUSTOR would like to remind the public that we take data

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Better Btrfs Speeds, Kernel Updates Mean ADM 3.4 is Here!

Taipei, Taiwan - 24 July 2019 - ASUSTOR Inc. is thrilled to have released ADM 3.4. With version 3.4, ADM now comes with Linux Kernel 4.14 fully installed, which updates drivers, provides stability improvements and improves file system implementations. Btrfs in ADM 3.4 received a performance and st

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Special Announcement: Steps on how to protect your data with ASUSTOR.

Taipei, Taiwan – 15 July 2019 – Recent incidents of attempted Ransomware attacks have prompted ASUSTOR to release a statement encouraging customers to adopt security measures to help protect important data. ASUSTOR recommends the following actions to enhance data security:  E

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ADM 3.3 is here!

Snapshots arrive on ASUSTOR NAS with the introduction of Snapshot Center which also adds support for Btrfs. Easily restore and take snapshots of Btrfs volumes as well as with iSCSI LUNs to more effectively protect your data.

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A New Year, A New Name - ASUSTOR Welcomes The AS5202T and AS5304T to the ASUSTOR Family.

ASUSTOR is once again at the forefront of NAS technology by introducing two models with Intel’s Gemini Lake family of Celeron processors. Also introduced are, DDR4 memory, dual 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet ports and HDMI 2.0a, providing a superior audio and video experience and a powerful storage solution for the enthusiast.

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Come and be Our Roonmate for 30 days by Downloading Roon Server on ADM Today!

Roon Server is available on ASUSTOR App Central and offering ASUSTOR 64-bit NAS users a free thirty day trial.

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Long Time No See! Come In and see us at Computex where ASUSTOR Has a New Multi-Gigabit NAS For You!

Location: 4F Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall – Booth M0410 shared with ASUS Date: 28 May 2019 to 31 May 2019 at 9.30-17.30 1 June 2019 at 9.30-16.00

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Enjoy Plex Pass Free* for Thirty Days with Plex and ASUSTOR.

Take advantage of a thirty day trial of Plex Pass, absolutely free* from ASUSTOR and Plex. Plex Pass offers multimedia streaming from a NAS to a variety of platforms using the ASUSTOR Plex app which is found at App Central. Start your free trial* today!

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Try your luck to win an AS6210T with ASUSTOR at the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas!

Data to pack? ASUSTOR has your back. Date: April 8~11, 2019 Location: Las Vegas Convention Center Booth number: SL15517

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ASUSTOR adds support for Seagate IronWolf® 110 SSDs!

Taipei, Taiwan, 10th January 2019 – ASUSTOR Inc. is proud to announce compatibility with Seagate’s newest NAS IronWolf® 110 series of SSD. The new Seagate IronWolf® 110 SSD is listed as model ZA960NM10001. In anticipation for the release of Seagate’s first SSD designed fo

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ASUSTOR AS3202T & AS6302T Recognized as Among The Best NAS Devices of 2019

ASUSTOR’s NAS devices are mostly admired for its features like 4K video output, USB Type-C connectivity, support for third-party apps, User-friendly web & mobile management apps and speedier processors

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ADM 3.3 Beta is here!

Snapshots arrive on ASUSTOR NAS with the introduction of Snapshot Center which also adds support for Btrfs. Easily restore and take snapshots of Btrfs volumes as well as with iSCSI LUNs to more effectively protect your data.

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ASUSTOR and Seagate Launch New IronWolf® Health Management Software!

Upgrade to ADM 3.2.2 to enjoy Seagate’s newest version of IronWolf Health Management today! Seagate and ASUSTOR are helping you make monitoring hard drives and improving system reliability easier than ever.

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ASUSTOR releases the long awaited 10-Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Card!

Breaking through the Gigabit wall. Providing an affordable 10GbE transmission solution

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ADM 3.2 makes life easier than ever with the release of Ezconnect.to and EZ Sync!

Now with two more features! EZconnect.to, which makes it even easier to connect remotely and EZ Sync, which historical version management, establishing share links and AiData mobile access.

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ADM 3.1.5 RJ42 now brings patches to various vulnerabilities!

Taiwan, Taipei, 2 August, 2018 – ASUSTOR Inc. remains committed to continuously patch security vulnerabilities in ADM, and has now launched ADM 3.1.5 RJ42 for ASUSTOR’s complete lineup to improve security and reduce the threat of attacks. To take advantage of an even more secure ADM op

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ASUSTOR Enters Indian Market; Brings in Cutting Edge NAS Solutions

MUMBAI, India,  July 18, 2017 - ASUSTOR Inc. a leading innovator and provider of private cloud storage (NAS) and video surveillance (NVR) solutions, today announced its entry into the Indian Market. Specializing in the development and integration of NAS related firmware, hardwa

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ASUSTOR Makes the Best Even Better. The New AS3102T v2 and AS3204T v2 Redefine the Enthusiast NAS.

With optimized performance, twin Ethernet ports for up to double the speed, increased hard disk compatibility, enhanced multimedia features and a more customizable feature set help make ASUSTOR’s best even better.

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From zero to ten thousand in under one second, ASUSTOR’s newest NAS now comes with 10gb Ethernet!

With a new design, the magnetic front panel is beautiful and dust-proof and can protect hard drives inside. The caddies included help with easy installation and also support hot swapping. ASUSTOR once again brings speed and value to the personal cloud industry.

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ASUSTOR shows off the goods at Computex 2018! Come fly among the clouds with ASUSTOR at Computex 2018!

ASUSTOR is exhibiting a full range of NAS at Computex 2018. Everything from flagship models AS4002T, AS4004T, AS6302T, AS6404T, AS7004T-i5, AS7010T-i5 to high-end business rack NAS series is also being exhibited. ADM 3.2’s latest features, such as a new remote access technology called EZconnect.to, the data synchronization app named EZ Sync and Photo Gallery 3’s new timeline album management features are also being displayed.

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ASUSTOR releases the all new AS1002T v2 and AS1004T v2. Familiar, yet better!

Everything you love about an ASUSTOR NAS and even more! Now 20% faster, with an all new hardware encryption engine, quiet, power efficient and compatible with up to 12TB hard drives. The AS1002T v2 and AS1004T v2 are easier than ever to build a high capacity personal cloud backup space.

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ASUSTOR NAS devices now verified faster than Sonic the Hedgehog! Come see our newest line of 10GbE NAS at Computex 2018!

We are thrilled to be showcasing the industry's first 10GbE entry level NAS at Computex 2018. Other features to be revealed are: ADM 3.2, our remote access technology, EZconnect.to; a new remote data synchronization app, EZ Sync; ASUS Control Center technology integration. We welcome everyone to come and visit the ASUSTOR family. Exhibition Hall: 4F Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Booth M0410 (Main ASUS Booth) Exhibition dates: 05 June 2018 to 08 June 2018 at 9.30-18.00 and 09 June 2018 at 9.30-16.00

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ASUSTOR Launches ADM 3.1 Today

Enhancing core features for SMB applications.

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Come and snap a shot of ASUSTOR's good side at WPPI 2018!

ASUSTOR will be attending WPPI 2018 to exhibit a wide range of NAS devices catered towards professional and wedding photography. Featuring NAS devices contain Intel’s Celeron processor and ADM OS 3.0. Our brand new AS4004T and powerful AS6404T are essential to any photographer’s storage needs. ASUSTOR is also showcasing the AS6004U NAS expansion unit for those who need more storage space without having to buy a new NAS. ASUSTOR welcomes everyone to come, visit and shoot our NAS with glamourous photo lights. Come find us at booth 905, Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas!

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ASUSTOR responds to Intel Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

ADM 3.0.5 and BIOS updates for the AS6302T and AS6404T are now available.

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ASUSTOR and Microsoft, Expanding NAS Functionality With exFAT

ASUSTOR has introduced an exFAT driver app to enhance NAS compatibility with USB external storage devices on the market and to facilitate the storage of large files for photographers and AV workers. ASUSTOR’s exFAT license key can also be offloaded at any time to be transferred to other ASUSTOR NAS devices for future use. For the best upgrade flexibility, selecting an ASUSTOR NAS device with ADM 3.0.4 is the best choice amongst NAS devices.

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ASUSTOR is announcing its new AS4000 series during CES 2018

ASUSTOR is thrilled to be announcing its new AS4000 series NAS. AS4000 series is coming out with a fresh new look and a screw-free HDD mounting design. The best of all, this new series will have a built-in 10Gb Ethernet. Hands down, best in class performance and value.

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ASUSTOR Launches ADM 3.1 Beta

Enhancing core features for SMB applications.

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ASUSTOR Releases Surveillance Center 2.8

ASUSTOR is happy to announce Surveillance Center 2.8 official is now available for download. Support added for video and transcoding in H.265 HEVC video encoding formats, two-way audio support to make home and business more convenient, giving a more efficient cloud monitoring experience.

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ASUSTOR Responds to Intel’s CPU Security Flaw Announcement

Taipei, Taiwan, November 29, 2017 - ASUSTOR Inc. has responded to an Intel CPU security flaw that was announced by the company several days ago. The flaw affects recent Intel CPUs that have Intel’s Management Engine interface versions 11.0.0-11.7.0 enabled and Intel’s Trusted Execution

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ASUSTOR Selected as Performance Champion by SmallNetBuilder

We are happy to announce ASUSTOR’s AS3102T NAS device has just recently been ranked #1 in SmallNetBuilder’s RAID1 NAS performance evaluation review. SmallNetBuilder has a reputation for being one of the most trusted review sites in the industry and is known for its rigorous and comprehensive reviews of our products. The award-winning AS3102T, fiercely beat out our competitors in the same class and in all RAID 1 tests, the ASUSTOR AS3102T outperforms its competition.

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ASUSTOR Announces Official Release of ADM 3.0.3 to fix WPA2 Vulnerabilities

ASUSTOR is announcing the official launch of ADM 3.0.3 via an online update. Asustor ADM supports Live Update, meaning users can easily update their firmware to ADM 3.0.3 as long as they have internet connection. Researchers revealed serious “KRACK” vulnerabilities in the WPA2 protocol, allowing hackers to steal user’s data from the Wi-Fi WPA2 connection. This update ensures that all Asustor users will have protection against this vulnerability.

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ASUSTOR Announces Official Release of Surveillance Center 2.7

ASUSTOR officially announced the Surveillance Center 2.7, all users can enjoy Surveillance Center 2.7 enhanced and more stable features, including more efficient management, flexible expansion of the IP cameras, easier network connection, etc. ASUSTOR invites you to experience more convenience use of the Surveillance Center 2.7.

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ASUSTOR Creates Exclusive Version of AiVideos for Apple TV

ASUSTOR officially releases an exclusive version of AiVideos created for Apple TV featuring a newly designed interface customized for TV screens that provides smooth and intuitive operation. AiVideos for Apple TV features vivid high definition video playback for the ultimate in digital home entertainment.

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Automatic Photo and Video Backup to Your ASUSTOR Using FileFlex

Get your FREE 1 year, single user subscription to FileFlex and automatically, in the background, back your photos and videos to your ASUSTOR NAS

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ASUSTOR and Qnext sign global partnership to integrate FileFlex on all ASUSTOR NAS drive products

ASUSTOR announces that its NAS products are now integrated with FileFlex and FileFlex Enterprise to allow remote access, sharing and streaming content from the NAS or any networked-device without using cloud-based solutions.

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ASUSTOR Announces Official Release of Linux Center

ASUSTOR announces the official launch of Linux Center. ASUSTOR NAS users can now run the native Linux® system on their NAS, enjoying the rich variety of Linux® apps. Linux Center features easy installation without extra configurations and compatibility with HDMI output. It effectively turns the NAS into a computer with unlimited possibilities.

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ASUSTOR Announces Official Launch of ADM 3.0

ASUSTOR announces official launch of ADM 3.0 via online update. Users will be able to enjoy even more powerful and stable new functions after upgrading to ADM 3.0. New functions include a brand new intuitive and easy to use interface, newly added photo browsing and audio playback via File Explorer, and added support for Internet Passthrough functionality.

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ASUSTOR Collaborates with IDrive to Provide Comprehensive Cloud Backup Service

ASUSTOR announces that all ASUSTOR NAS devices have integrated the IDrive online cloud backup service, providing users with a comprehensive online backup, sync and sharing solution with military grade encryption that allows them to manage and protect files.

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ASUSTOR and NAKIVO Launch Comprehensive Virtual Machine Backup Solution

ASUSTOR announces that its NAS devices have integrated the NAKIVO Backup & Replication service, allowing ASUSTOR NAS users to easily create a comprehensive virtual machine backup solution.

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Asustor And Seagate Technology Bring Ironwolf Health Management To Asustor Nas

Available on ASUSTOR NAS, Seagate IronWolf Health Management improves system reliability by offering comprehensive embedded analysis and recovery software.

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ASUSTOR Partners with DriveSavers to Provide Users with Data Recovery Service

ASUSTOR and DriveSavers announce data recovery partnership to provide ASUSTOR customers with professional data recovery solutions at a discounted rate, FREE shipping and FREE evaluations on all NAS devices.

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ASUSTOR and Dahua Technology Partner to Create Surveillance Solution

ASUSTOR announces that it has integrated over 100 different camera models from Dahua Technology, providing home and enterprise users with a highly secure surveillance solution.

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ASUSTOR Releases Surveillance Center 2.7 Beta, A Highly Efficient Cloud Surveillance Experience

ASUSTOR launches the Surveillance Center 2.7 Beta featuring comprehensive support for ADM 3.0 Internet Passthrough connections which provide instant remote surveillance management, creating a more convenient and efficient cloud surveillance experience. Newly added features include the exportation and importation of camera settings which allows camera settings to be quickly saved, backed up and deployed to other Surveillance Center installations, significantly enhancing surveillance management efficiency.

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ASUSTOR Debuts New Flagship NAS Models, ADM 3.0 and Surveillance Center 2.7 at Computex 2017

At Computex 2017 in Taipei, ASUSTOR is exhibiting its all new flagship NAS devices including the AS6302T, AS6404T, AS7004T-i5, AS7010T-i5 and AS6004U storage expansion unit; The all new ADM 3.0 operating system introduces new intuitive functions such as desktop widgets, icon grouping, system announcements, new support for Internet Passthrough; Surveillance Center 2.7 which increases surveillance management efficiency and upgrades NAS multimedia applications.

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Don’t WannaCry! ASUSTOR NAS Keeps Your Data Safe and Secure

With the latest ransomware scare, regular updates of systems are essential to prevent vulnerabilities in addition to the regular backup and offsite backup of data to a secure ASUSTOR NAS or cloud storage space in order to keep your data protected.

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ASUSTOR Adds Powerful NAS Models Featuring Intel® Core™ i5 Quad-Core Processors: AS7004T-i5 and AS7010T-i5

Targeting the storage needs of media professionals and SMBs, ASUSTOR expands its 7 series with new NAS models featuring powerful performance.

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ASUSTOR to Debut New NAS Models at Computex 2017 Featuring WOW (Wake On WAN) Technology

At Computex 2017, ASUSTOR will be showcasing its newest NAS models along with its brand new ADM 3.0 interface and new features. All are welcome to visit the ASUSTOR exhibit for a firsthand experience. Date and Time: Tuesday May 30th – Saturday June 3rd, 2017 Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, 4th Floor, Booth L1324

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ASUSTOR Launches AS6004U Storage Capacity Expansion Unit

ASUSTOR launches first generation storage capacity expansion unit AS6004U featuring 4 disk bays, compatible with largest hard disks on the market (10 TB), utilizes USB 3.0 interface for plug and play convenience, satisfies the need for quick storage capacity expansion , stable performance, smart power sync function, a stress-free storage expansion solution for businesses.

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ASUSTOR Launches New-Look ADM 3.0 Beta Featuring Intuitive Enhancements

ASUSTOR’s newly redesigned ADM 3.0 interface creates an easy-to-use tablet-like usage experience, provides grouping function for desktop icons and desktop widgets and introduces the new ASUSTOR EasyConnect (AEC) Internet passthrough technology that handles previously complex router configurations, redefining the meaning of a simplified NAS operating system.

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ASUSTOR Launches AS6302T and AS6404T Featuring Powerful Hardware and Software Enhancements

Utilizes sixth generation Intel Apollo Lake platform with Celeron dual/quad-core processors, 2GB and 8GB RAM specifications, featuring powerful computing power and a high-level graphics chip, equipped with advanced HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 Type-C ports, comes built-in with easy-to-use ADM 3.0 interface, introduces Wake-on-WAN function to NAS, offering both power saving and cloud access security benefits, recommended for personal, multimedia home, prosumer and small businesses use, for creating a rich and comprehensive cloud storage experience with 4K @60Hz multimedia playback.

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Enjoy Brilliant Digital Entertainment with ASUSTOR’s New LooksGood 2.0 Beta

Brand new intuitive interface, a multimedia index featuring exquisite poster covers, smart sorting and efficient global search, supports multilingual subtitles and multi-channel audio output, experience smooth 1080p high definition video playback via Web browsers. ASUSTOR welcomes you to upgrade to the new LooksGood 2.0 Beta and AiVideos.

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ASUSTOR Launches ADM 2.7 Beta with Four New Innovations

ASUSTOR launches the new ADM 2.7 Beta which includes an upgraded Linux kernel that enhances security, performance and network access flexibility. The ADM 2.7 Beta also introduces four new innovations: the user-friendly EZ Connect function, autonomous firmware and App updates, convenient heterogeneous data sharing via CIFS shared folders and PPPoE broadband connection service.

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ASUSTOR Launches Surveillance Center 2.6 Beta Featuring Centralized Management Software CMS Lite

ASUSTOR launches the Surveillance Center 2.6 Beta, an economical professional surveillance solution. This new version features CMS Lite to connect multiple NVR devices, effortlessly creating centralized surveillance management, newly added mounting of recordings combines with MyArchive technology for flexible recording capacity expansion and support for 360 degree fisheye camera image restoration provides complete surveillance without blind spots.

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ASUSTOR Announces Support for ElephantDrive Cloud Backup Service

ASUSTOR NAS now provides comprehensive support for ElephantDrive. All ASUSTOR NAS users can download and install ElephantDrive from App Central to enjoy further peace of mind with this new cloud backup option.

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ASUSTOR Launches the Enterprise-Class High Capacity AS6212RD

ASUSTOR launches a new Intel Braswell quad-core processor and dual power supply equipped rackmount NAS in the AS6212RD. Features 12 disk-bays for a maximum capacity of 120 TB, the ADM operating system that simplifies system and event management, exclusive MyArchive cold backup storage technology that provides flexible storage expansion and application, the perfect choice for creating a high performance storage solution for SMBs.

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ASUSTOR Releases New and Improved SoundsGood 2.0 Beta App

SoundsGood 2.0 features a newly optimized user friendly interface, supports HDMI, SPDIF, USB/Bluetooth/audio jack/AirPlay audio output, USB DAC high resolution audio output devices and streaming playback from Web browsers.Users can also import lyrics and enjoy support for scrolling lyrics as well. SoundsGood 2.0 can be combined with the AiMusic mobile app to allow you to control audio playback with your phone.

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ASUSTOR Launches New AS6204RS and AS6204RD Rackmount Models Featuring Intel Braswell Quad-Core Processors

ASUSTOR launches new AS6204RS/AS6204RD rackmount NAS models powered by Intel Braswell quad-core processors and 4 GB SO-DIMM DDR3L memories. These models are equipped with stable performance and a rich variety of functionality such as comprehensive backup and storage services, seamless integration with virtual environments and simplified management for network administrators, creating an optimal enterprise storage solution.

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ASUSTOR Announces Support for hubiC Cloud Storage

ASUSTOR adds hubiC cloud storage sync backup service for European users, suitable for use on ADM 2.6.3 and onwards, available for download from App Central.

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ASUSTOR Enhances User Experience with ASUSTOR Portal 2.0

ASUSTOR Portal 2.0 supports 2K/4K display resolutions, features a new user-friendly interface and newly added default app groupings for easy access to Apps.

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ASUSTOR Announces Compatibility with Seagate IronWolf 10 TB NAS Hard Disks

ASUSTOR announces that all of its hot swappable NAS devices are compatible with Seagate’s IronWolf 10 TB hard disks, 6 TB Enterprise NAS hard disks and 10 TB Enterprise Capacity hard disks.

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ASUSTOR to Exhibit at IFA 2016 in Berlin, Germany

ASUSTOR will be attending the IFA 2016 consumer electronics exhibition in Berlin, Germany, exhibiting its newest range of NAS products and bringing users the latest personal cloud storage, backup, 4K multimedia and surveillance solutions.

Date: September 2nd – September 7th, 2016
Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Location: Berlin ExpoCenter City, Hall 17, Booth 116

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ASUSTOR Launches Comprehensive Security Upgrades with ADM 2.6.3

In response to security vulnerabilities ASUSTOR has released ADM 2.6.3 featuring upgraded SAMBA and OpenSSL versions, new 2-step authentication login mechanism for strengthening account security, newly added Pushbullet and Pushover push notification services that are compatible with a variety of devices, platforms and browsers, allowing network administrators to comprehensively grasp system statuses and increase productivity.

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ASUSTOR’s AS6202T Receives Hot Product Award from APC Magazine Australia

The AS6202T provides flagship performance for home and media use, without an excessive price premium.

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ASUSTOR Unveils new Flagship NAS Models, ADM 3.0 and CMS Lite at Computex 2016

At Computex 2016, ASUSTOR is exhibiting 5 brand new enterprise-class quad-core flagship models in the AS6208T, AS6210T, AS6204RD/RS and AS6212RD; Brand new ADM 3.0 operating system featuring customizable widgets, grouping function and system notification board; Enhanced multimedia functions and new CMS Lite for Surveillance Center.

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ASUSTOR’s AS3104T honored with Excellent Choice Award from Holland’s Hardware.Info

The AS3104T provides excellent performance, an intuitive ADM operating system and a rich variety of multimedia functions. It has been honored with the Excellent Choice Award from Hardware.Info.

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ASUSTOR Releases Surveillance Center 2.5 Beta

ASUSTOR launches the Surveillance Center 2.5 Beta, comprehensively enhancing usability, convenience and security. This new version offers optimized operation in Windows environments, comprehensive support for secure HTTPS encrypted connections, more flexible recording storage quotas, self-defined recording file save locations and adds over 43 different compatible camera models from world renowned brands including AV-Tech, Canon, D-Link, FaceID, INSTAR, Planet and VIVOTEK. Also added are recording search and playback to the local display function along with support for live audio, ideal for creating a cost-effective home or business surveillance solution.

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ASUSTOR NAS Enhances Multimedia Applications, Upgrades LooksGood and AiVideos

LooksGood offers comprehensive support for popular Web browsers, adds real-time transcoding and video seeking function. AiVideos mobile app offers comprehensive support for both iOS and Android, launches new interface and Hyper-Transcoding function.

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ASUSTOR to Exhibit at Computex 2016 from Within the ASUS Booth

At Computex 2016, ASUSTOR will be showcasing, from within the ASUS booth, its newest generation flagship 32/62 series tower and rackmount NAS models, along with new Smart Home solutions, creating revolutionary cloud storage for both personal and enterprise users. All are welcome to visit the ASUSTOR exhibit an up-close look at these new products and features. Date and Time: Tuesday May 31st – Saturday June 4th, 2016 Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, 4th Floor, ASUS Booth M0410

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ASUSTOR Announces New Flagship AS6210T at Secutech with Support for Seagate 8TB Surveillance HDDs

ASUSTOR announces new high capacity flagship tower NAS model with compatibility for Seagate 8TB Surveillance HDDs at Secutech Taipei, collaborating with Seagate to exhibit a cost-effective yet powerful surveillance solution. Exhibition Date: April 19-21, 2016 Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, 4th Floor #3521

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ASUSTOR Launches Powerful High Capacity AS6208T and AS6210T

ASUSTOR launches two new high-capacity enterprise-class NAS models supporting 4K UHD multimedia playback, equipped with the latest powerful Intel Celeron quad-core processors, featuring 4GB of built-in dual-channel memory that is expandable up to 8GB, provides ultimate cutting-edge performance and rich variety of I/O interfaces for flexible expansion and deployment.

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ASUSTOR Launches Economical Entry-Level Quad-Core AS3202T and AS3204T NAS Models

Utilizes the newest generation Intel Celeron 1.6GHz quad-core processors and powerful graphics processing unit, supports Intel Quick Sync Video technology which optimizes browsing for HD videos, supports AES-NI hardware encryption technology which speeds up encryption applications for large amounts of data and provides for both added performance and security. Features stylish diamond plate finished exterior, easy toolless installation, providing users with an economical cloud storage and multimedia solution.

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ASUSTOR Enhances Core Functions With New ADM 2.6 Beta

Enhanced ADM core functions, featuring batch creation and importation of ADM accounts, all new MyArchive mechanism and advanced iSCSI LUN snapshot configurations, providing users with a more flexible cloud storage experience. Enhanced ASUSTOR Portal* streaming media app, YouTube, with FHD 1080p playback support, added Netflix and URL-Pack app allowing users to stream from even more popular media sites to ASUSTOR Portal.

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ASUSTOR NAS Adds Comprehensive Search App QuikFynd

ASUSTOR 2, 3, 6, 31, 50, 51,61, 62, 70 series devices combined with the latest ADM 2.5.2 version and onwards offer QuikFynd comprehensive search App and 3 month trial and discount on QuikFynd PRO for all ASUSTOR NAS users.

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ASUSTOR Releases Photo Gallery 2.0 Beta

The next evolution in ASUSTOR’s Photo Gallery brings support for multi-level folder structures, increased thumbnail processing speeds, more sorting functions, auto rotation to correct orientation of uploaded images, a concealable side navigation bar that shows album folder structures, an intuitive search function and customizable browsing quality based on device and network environment which provides for an optimal browsing experience. All ASUSTOR users are welcome to upgrade to the newest version of Photo Gallery to experience all the new functions firsthand.

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ASUSTOR Offers Kodi 16 Beta Along With Support for H.265 4K Multimedia Playback

ASUSTOR NAS users with 31, 61, and 62 series devices can now download the Kodi 16 Beta App and experience H.264 and H.265 4K multimedia playback.

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ASUSTOR Completes Integration with DIGITUS IP Cameras

ASUSTOR announces that its NAS products are now compatible with all IP camera products from DIGITUS, providing an easy-to-use, high quality surveillance storage solution ideal for all environments.

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ASUSTOR Collaborates With PLANET to Create Cloud Surveillance Solution

ASUSTOR adds compatibility for IP camera models from PLANET, providing an ideal cloud surveillance solution.

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ASUSTOR Launches 31 Series, Economical and Powerful 4K Multimedia NAS

Brand new AS3102T and AS3104T models featuring 4K multimedia playback and secure storage for the new cloud generation, classic yet modern diamond plate finished cover, compact size, sliding cover design for easy removal, powered by the newest generation Intel Celeron (Braswell) 1.6 GHz dual-core processors, automatic overclocking to 2.16 GHz, enhanced multitasking, supports AES-NI encryption engine increasing access speeds of encrypted data, built-in 2GB of dual-channel memory, enjoy and ultra-smooth multimedia playback experience.

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ASUSTOR Releases Surveillance Center 2.4 Beta

ASUSTOR introduces the Surveillance Center 2.4 Beta, supports Multi-Stream function which optimizes resolution for recordings and online viewing, HTTPS encrypted connections, expanded support for up to 49 camera channels, and comprehensive compatibility for Digitus IP cameras. All users are welcome to download and experience the latest Surveillance Center functions.

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ASUSTOR Announces the 10 Series, Modern Diamond Plate Finished NAS with Comprehensive Functionality

First generation Marvell ARMADA-385 dual-core CPU NAS models AS1002T and AS1004T, equipped with hardware encryption engine, low power consumption, ultra-quiet operation, hand screws for installation without additional tools, modern stylish diamond plate finished exterior, personal cloud storage at a price that can’t be beat.

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ASUSTOR Launches the World's First Intel Braswell Powered NAS

First to be equipped with the newest Intel Braswell quad-core and dual-core processors, memory can be expanded up to a maximum of 8GB to enhance multitasking, AES-NI encryption engine speeds up access to encrypted data, smooth ultra high definition 4K and 2K multimedia output, meets the needs of a wide range of user segments, the best choice for high performance cloud storage.

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ASUSTOR Releases ADM 2.5 Beta

Enhanced ADM core functions, featuring iSCSI LUN snapshots, Internal Backup, shared folder based Network Recycle Bins, newly added Syslog Server and DataSync for Microsoft OneDrive.

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ASUSTOR Officially Launches Surveillance Center 2.3

More detailed permissions management with role-based access control, more automation for a larger variety of tasks, simplified and intuitive on-screen controls, and newly added compatibility for even more camera brands, providing even more options and flexibility for creating the ideal surveillance solution.

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ASUSTOR to Exhibit Professional Surveillance Solution at the Axis Solution Conference 2015

ASUSTOR provides a high quality surveillance solution to the professional surveillance domain that is suitable for use in homes and small to medium commercial centers. All-new Surveillance Center functions include automated event action rules, Intelligent Video Analytics, simple and intuitive on-screen controls, configurable video stream resolutions, interactive electronic maps and 49 channels of real-time video surveillance feeds.
Date: July 9, 2015
Location: Grand Ballroom, Level 1, Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Kowloon East
Time: 10:00 - 16:30
Event Website: http://www.axis.com/events/solution-conference-hk-2015/agenda

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Brand New ASUSTOR NAS Products Make Stunning Debut at Computex 2015

At Computex 2015, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, 4th floor, booth N1103a, ASUSTOR will be exhibiting the brand new 61 series, which comes equipped with the newest Intel Braswell processor. Designed with businesses and prosumers in mind, the 61 series devices feature powerful hardware that allows for superior hardware encryption performance and 2K/4K multimedia applications. Also being exhibited for the first time, will be the brand new 10 series, featuring the first models by ASUSTOR to utilize Marvell processors. These new models offer over 100MB/s in network transmission throughput and feature an eye-catching diamond plate exterior design, making them a must-have for the digital home and users requiring centralized backup and storage.

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ASUSTOR and Seagate to Exhibit Professional Enterprise and Surveillance Storage Solution at Computex 2015

At Computex, ASUSTOR will be exhibiting enterprise-class NAS models that businesses can use to create stable, secure and high capacity cloud storage. ASUSTOR will be utilizing Seagate’s dedicated NAS and surveillance hard disk drives to demonstrate the deployment of its enterprise storage and professional surveillance solutions. All are sincerely welcome to visit ASUSTOR’s exhibition at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, 4th floor, booth N1103a.

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ASUSTOR Release Surveillance Center 2.3 Beta

ASUSTOR’s Surveillance Center 2.3 Beta introduces brand new features including automated event action rules, foreign object detection, more intuitive on-screen controls and expansion of the HDMI local output function. All users are welcome to download and experience the latest Surveillance Center functions.

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ASUSTOR to Bring New Cutting-Edge NAS Products to Computex 2015

Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, 4th Floor, Booth N1103a
Date: Tuesday June 2nd – Saturday June 6th, 2015

At Computex 2015 in Taipei, ASUSTOR will be exhibiting a range of cloud storage devices designed for personal and enterprise use along with its newest models, the prosumer and enterprise targeted 61 series and eye-catching diamond-plate finished entry-level 1 series devices. ASUSTOR’s ADM functions receive a comprehensive upgrades including the newly added local backup function, newly released upgrades for multiple Apps, optimized multimedia streaming experience, expanded support for up to 40 different camera channels allowing for flawless surveillance, and release of the AiMaster iOS version upgrades. All are sincerely welcome to visit ASUSTOR’s exhibition.

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ASUSTOR’s AiVideos Adds Support for Chromecast Multimedia Streaming Playback

ASUSTOR’s AiVideos mobile app now supports Chromecast multimedia streaming playback, bringing a big screen entertainment experience to ASUSTOR users. After linking with Chromecast, AiVideos turns into a remote control allowing users to operate at the touch of a finger.

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ASUSTOR Upgrades LooksGood with Media Converter Support

ASUSTOR releases a new version of the LooksGood App with an added Media Converter function for its 5 and 7 series devices. Newly provided functions include multimedia conversions, ability to configure a Smart Conversion Folder, and exclusive Hyper-Transcoding technology. Balance system resource allocation for file conversions, allows users to enjoy smoother playback experiences along with a tenfold decrease in conversion times.

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ASUSTOR Announces Official Launch Of ADM 2.4

ASUSTOR announces official launch of ADM 2.4, available via online update. After upgrading to ADM 2.4, users will be able to enjoy powerful new functions such as, an all-new shared folder encryption mechanism which increases encryption speed and properly releases storage space previously occupied by already deleted files, optimized SSD performance, support for SNMP network management protocol, enhanced Network Defender and newly added multimedia browsing for File Explorer.

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ASUSTOR Launches Surveillance Center 2.2

ASUSTOR launches Surveillance Center 2.2, the newly upgraded version of its stable and reliable NVR software for NAS devices. New functions include support for the ONVIF Profile S (2.4.1) standard protocol, interactive electronic maps, support for the newest version of Safari (8.0.2) for Mac and increased Mac system display performance by over 30%.

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ASUSTOR Launches Exclusive Mobile NAS Management App AiMaster

ASUSTOR launches innovative enhanced version of the AiMaster mobile app. Offered first for Android users, it is the first mobile app in the NAS industry that features easy 4 step NAS system initialization, hard disk configuration and NAS App installation among other innovative functions, providing an innovative and user friendly mobile NAS experience.

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ASUSTOR Releases ADM 2.4 Beta Version

ASUSTOR releases the ADM 2.4 Beta with new functions including an improved shared folder encryption mechanism that effectively increases data encryption speeds and releases storage space previously occupied by already deleted files, optimized performance for SSDs, support for SNMP network management protocol, enhanced Network Defender, and newly added multimedia previews in File Explorer. All ASUSTOR NAS users are welcome to experience the newest version of ADM.

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ASUSTOR First to Support Kodi on NAS

ASUSTOR is the first to support Kodi on NAS. Kodi is the newest generation of XBMC. All ASUSTOR NAS users using 50, 51, and 70 series devices can now download and install Kodi from the Beta Apps section of ASUSTOR’s App Central.

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ASUSTOR Adds 4 New Tower Models to 50T/51T Enterprise-Class Series

ASUSTOR adds 4 new models that come equipped with the latest Intel® Celeron CPUs. These tower model NAS devices include the AS5008T, AS5010T, AS5108T and AS5110T. All models are Citrix and Hyper-V ready. 8-bay models provide up to 48TB of storage space while 10-bay models provide up to 60TB. All models come with the ADM 2.3 operating system which provides complete two-way backup support and a wealth of add-on applications satisfying the storage and backup needs of prosumers and small to medium business users.

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ASUSTOR Joins ASUS’s Russian Service Network

ASUSTOR announces that it will be providing after-sales maintenance service throughout Russia via its mother company ASUS and ASK-2 LLC. Starting today, ASUSTOR will be providing localized first-class service for ASUSTOR NAS users throughout Russia.

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ASUSTOR and DIGIEVER Create Optimal Surveillance Storage Solution

All ASUSTOR NAS devices come equipped with high performance Intel processors and feature cross-platform file sharing, Rsync, FTP and Cloud backup, Windows PC backup utility Backup Plan and Time Machine support for Mac. Provides DIGIEVER professional surveillance NVRs and hybrid enterprise environments with an optimal storage solution.

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ASUSTOR Unveils Trendsetting NAS 4K Multimedia Solutions at CES 2015

ASUSTOR will be showcasing its innovative NAS products for four straight days starting from today, at CES 2015 at the Trump International Hotel. ASUSTOR will be exhibiting its 70, 51, 50 series models equipped with powerful Intel Haswell and BayTrail processors. The ASUSTOR Portal app is the first to integrate XBMC 13 and provide 4K UHD or 1080p Full HD playback, and offering a comprehensive, high-value home multimedia center and cloud storage solution. The latest ADM 2.3 version will be introduced along with the new video streaming and digital TV recording app LooksGood and mobile multimedia streaming app AiVideos. Surveillance Center has added electronic maps and ONVIF Profile S support functions while enterprise functions such as the new VM Center virtual machine console, SSD Trim and SNMP have been added.

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ASUSTOR Launches 2 and 4 bay Models for new High Speed 50T and 51T Series

ASUSTOR launches 2 and 4 bay tower models NAS devices for new 50T and 51T series, equipped with the latest Intel Celeron 2.41GHz dual-core processors and Intel Celeron 2.0 GHz quad-core processors along with 1GB and 2GB of SO-DIMM DDR3L memory, CPUs feature burst frequencies of 2.58GHz and 2.41GHz, releasing additional power and satisfying the needs of prosumers and enterprise users.

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ASUSTOR Announces All NAS Devices are Upgrading to ADM 2.3

ASUSTOR announces that its 6, 3, and 2 series NAS devices are all upgrading to the ADM (ASUSTOR Data Master) 2.3 operating system. Users will be able to experience a newly redesigned user interface, enhanced overall transfer speeds, seamless integration with Windows AD infrastructure, ACL advanced file permissions management and exclusive multimedia application LooksGood along with the AiVideo app for mobile devices. ADM 2.3 provides a rich variety of brand new applications for both multimedia and business use.

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ASUSTOR to Debut New NAS Applications at CES 2015

ASUSTOR to exhibit new 70, 51, 50 series NAS models at CES 2015 at the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas. All NAS devices are equipped with ADM 2.3, the latest version of the world’s first App-based NAS operating system. ASUSTOR will be presenting its comprehensive cloud storage technology which includes exciting new enterprise and multimedia applications. ASUSTOR welcomes all those who are interested to visit them and experience the latest in NAS technology, firsthand.

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ASUSTOR Releases Surveillance Center 2.2 Beta

ASUSTOR’s Surveillance Center 2.2 beta increases Mac display performance by 30%. Addition of electronic maps that allows users to quickly survey all cameras deployed in large scale environments, along with ONVIF Profile S certification that significantly expands camera compatibility and gives system integrators a competitive advantage.

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ASUSTOR Officially Joins AXIS’s Application Development Partner (ADP) Program

ASUSTOR joins AXIS’s Application Development Partner (ADP) Program. A close technical integration provides AXIS users with a more reliable and comprehensive surveillance solution.

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ASUSTOR Releases AiSecure Mobile Surveillance App

ASUSTOR releases the free AiSecure mobile surveillance app for both iOS and Android. Used in concert with ASUSTOR’s Surveillance Center, AiSecure lets users take snapshots, record video, control PTZ functions on cameras and receive push notifications, allowing users to stay in sync with all the latest developments on their surveillance feeds.

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ASUSTOR Adds New AS7004T Tower Model to 70T Series

ASUSTOR follows up the AS7008T and AS7010T with the AS7004T. Part of the AS70T series the AS7004T is a compact, high-performance tower model NAS created for demanding enterprise and multimedia applications. The AS7004T is powered by an Intel® Core i3-4330 3.5GHz dual-core processor, 2GB SO-DIMM DDR3 RAM (Expandable to a maximum of 16GB) and features 4 disk-bays providing up to 24TB in storage space, and read and writes speeds of over 112 MB/s. Cutting-edge hardware allows for 4K multimedia playback, equipped with HDMI 1.4a, S/PDIF output port for high-definition audio, allowing for the creation of a high quality multimedia center.

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ASUSTOR Launches Enterprise-Class AS70R Rackmount NAS Models

The AS7009RD, AS7012RD, AS7009RDX and AS7012RDX are 4 high capacity enterprise-class models equipped with Intel® Core i3 3.5GHz dual-core processors with 4GB UDIMM DDR3 RAM and Intel® Xeon E3 3.4GHz quad-core processors with 4GB ECC UDIMM DDR3 RAM. RAM is expandable up to a maximum of 32GB. All devices feature 4 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, 2 eSATA ports, 2 expansion slots (for 10GbE network or SAS cards), HDMI port, VGA, LED service indicators, and disk tray locks creating a high performance cloud storage solution for enterprise use.

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ASUSTOR NAS Devices Not Affected by ShellShock Bash Bug

Taipei, Taiwan, October 2nd, 2014 – ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, has announced that its products are not affected by the recent ShellShock Bash Bug.  ASUSTOR NAS devices do not utilize Bash, the component where the vulnerability is found.

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ASUSTOR Launches High Performance AS7008T and AS7010T Models Designed for Enterprise and Multimedia Applications

Powerful hardware specifications, top-flight performance, 48TB/60TB high capacity storage, 10GbE network card expansion slot, HDMI 1.4a output, S/PDIF high fidelity optical output, exceptional multimedia streaming and transcoding functionality along with support for 4K ultra high resolution output. All devices come equipped with Intel® Core i3-4330 3.5GHz dual-core processors and 2GB SO-DIMM DDR3 RAM (expandable up to 16GB). Windows ACL support combined with Windows AD infrastructure integration enhances management efficiency for business applications. SMB 2.0 support increases Windows networking performance by over 30%. A NAS server created for the most demanding enterprise and multimedia applications.

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ASUSTOR Adds Compatibility for Hikvision IP Cameras

ASUSTOR announces that it has integrated Hikvision IP cameras, all ASUSTOR NAS devices are now compatible with over 100 different camera models from Hikvision’s DS-2CD4 and DS-2CD2 series, providing a high quality surveillance solution for both home and enterprise environments.

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ASUSTOR Camera Channel Licenses Now Available for Purchase

ASUSTOR announces that its expansion camera channel licenses are now available for purchase, licenses are available in single and 4 channel packs, NAS devices can be expanded up to a maximum of 8 or 12 channels depending on model, meeting consumer demand for additional surveillance camera channels.

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ASUSTOR Extends Product Warranty to 3 Years

ASUSTOR extends warranty period for all its products to three years. ASUSTOR continues to make customer service a priority in providing the highest standard of after-sales service and technical support. Users who have already purchased ASUSTOR products will also get the new three year warranty applied to their product from the original date of purchase

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ASUSTOR Announces Compatibility for New WD Red® Pro 4 TB, 3 TB, 2 TB and WD Red 6 TB, 5 TB NAS Hard Drives

ASUSTOR announces compatibility for WD’s newest 4TB, 3TB, 2TB WD Red Pro SMB NAS hard drives (WD4001FFSX, WD3001FFSX, WD2001FFSX) and 6 TB, 5 TB high capacity WD Red hard drives (WD60EFRX, WD50EFRX).

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AS-202TE Receives Editors’ Choice Award from PC Magazine

ASUSTOR’s AS-202TE receives Editors’ Choice Award from PC Magazine due to record-breaking read speeds, excellent write speeds, affordability, superb RAID protection and elegant user interface.

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ASUSTOR Cloud Connect Service Interruption Notification

Taipei, Taiwan, July 21st, 2014 – ASUSTOR Inc., has announced that it will be temporarily suspending its Cloud Connect service from 9:00 PM on Monday July 21st to 9:00 PM on Wednesday July 23rd (UTC/GMT + 08:00). Cloud Connect and related services will be temporarily unavailable during this

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ASUSTOR Launches AiFoto Mobile App

ASUSTOR launches mobile app AiFoto which allows users to remotely browse and manage content from Photo Gallery. AiFoto includes functions such as social media sharing%2C one-touch camera roll uploads and the ability to create an online album and take photos that will be automatically uploaded to the album%2C providing easy organization of photos.

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ADM 2.0 Service Announcement

Taipei, Taiwan, July 11th, 2014 – ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, has announced that its devices will be comprehensively upgrading to ADM 2.0 in order to provide users with better integrated services and overall performance. ASUSTOR will be enhanc

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ASUSTOR Announces External CD/DVD/Blu-ray Optical Drive Compatibility

All ASUSTOR NAS devices have added support for 15 different external USB optical drives %28CD%2FDVD%2FBlu-ray%29. Users can directly drag and drop data on from optical media to specified folders on the NAS%2C providing convenient file sharing among multiple users and avoiding potential damage to the original disc.

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ASUSTOR Officially Releases ADM 2.2

Taipei, Taiwan, July 1st, 2014 - ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, has announced the official release of the ASUSTOR Data Master (ADM) 2.2 operating system for all ASUSTOR NAS devices. In addition to the features released in the ADM 2.2 beta version, this

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ASUSTOR Adds Compatibility for Grandstream IP Cameras

ASUSTOR announces that Grandstream IP cameras have been verified as being compatible with all ASUSTOR NAS devices%2C providing a multitude of complementary options for users of both Grandstream and ASUSTOR products%2C enabling users to create a reliable surveillance solution with a high price to performance ratio.

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ASUSTOR Launches Surveillance Center 2.1 Beta Version

ASUSTOR NAS is the first in the world to support the local output of surveillance feeds via HDMI, users can choose between single and four feed displays as well as automatic cycling between single feeds, users can also use the official ASUSTOR remote, AiRemote mobile app, or a keyboard and mouse to control their viewing experience, users will now be able to expand their total number of channels via purchasable camera licenses providing additional flexibility. Additional features included in Surveillance Center 2.1 include IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) playback, user defined cameras via Generic RTSP, camera patrol functions, remote viewing of surveillance feeds via the mobile app, and new compatible camera models from Grandstream, TRENDnet and Lilin.

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ASUSTOR Showcases New Enterprise-Class NAS Series and ADM 2.2 at Computex 2014

At Computex 2014 ASUSTOR introduces optimal enterprise-class storage solution the 7 series in addition to a series of multimedia devices aimed at home and small business users. At Computex ASUSTOR is also exhibiting the ADM operating system the first NAS operating system in the world featuring an App-based design. ADM’s newest features include Mail Server MiniDLNA multimedia application Photo Gallery web photo album and Aiphoto mobile app HiDrive and Google Drive cloud storage services upgraded Surveillance Center featuring ONVIF Profile S and eMap USB DVD%2FCD%2FBlu-ray support night mode scheduling advanced UPS functionality hard disk hibernation indicator lights and added language support for Turkish and Portuguese providing a more comprehensive cloud storage experience to enterprise users around the world.

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ASUSTOR To Exhibit Enterprise-Class Cloud Storage Solution at Computex 2014

ASUSTOR will be pairing devices with Seagate 6TB high capacity enterprise-class hard disks. ASUSTOR’s new 7 series devices feature powerful Intel hardware platforms, expandable ECC memory up to 32 GB, 2 eSATA ports, 4 SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports, 4 high speed Ethernet ports, 2 PCIe slots, and further supports 10GbE ports, so that users can increase bandwidth when dealing with large amounts of data. The 7 series provides stable and high performance NAS servers for enterprise users.

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ASUSTOR Announces Added Compatibility with Toshiba Hard Drives

Taipei, Taiwan, May 26th 2014 – ASUSTOR Inc., a leading innovator and provider of network storage solutions, announced today that Toshiba’s 3.5" DT01ACA, 3.5" MD03ACA, 3.5" MG03ACA and 2.5" MQ01ABD series hard disks are all compatible with ASUSTOR NAS devices.

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ASUSTOR Launches Economical Rackmount AS-204RS NAS Server

Equipped with an Intel® Atom™ 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 1GB DDR3 memory, maximum storage volume of 24 TB, 4 USB 3.0 ports and 2 gigabit Ethernet ports. Optimal choice for small and medium enterprises looking for an economical option.

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ASUSTOR Releases ADM 2.2 Beta Version

ASUSTOR has released the ADM 2.2 beta version firmware for all of its devices. ADM 2.2 features newly added Apps and features including MiniDLNA multimedia server, Photo Gallery web photo album, Google Drive cloud storage, night mode scheduling, more advanced UPS functionality, hard disk hibernation indicators, multilingual usernames, and localized support for Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese. All users are welcome to download and experience the beta for themselves.

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ASUSTOR Establishes US Technical Support Center

ASUSTOR establishes US technical support center. Users can call toll free (909)-465-5688 or use the online support system (support.asustor.com) to receive professional technical support from ASUSTOR.

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ASUSTOR DDNS Server Maintenance Notification

Taipei, Taiwan, May 7th 2014 – ASUSTOR Inc. will be conducting DDNS server maintenance from 1:00 AM to 6:00 AM (GMT +8) on May 9th, 2014. Cloud Connect and its related services will be temporarily unavailable during this time. ASUSTOR apologizes in advance for any inconvenience this service

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ASUSTOR Mobile Apps Compatible for use with ASUS Zenfone™ Smartphones

ASUSTOR announces that its ASUSTOR NAS mobile apps, including AiMaster, AiData, AiDownload, AiMusic and AiRemote are compatible for use with ASUS's Zenfone™ 4/5/6/7 series smartphones

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ASUSTOR Adds Spanish Language Support

ASUSTOR simultaneously adds Spanish language support to the ADM interface and official website, offering a more localized user experience.

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ASUSTOR to Showcase Brand New Products at Computex 2014 in Taipei Taiwan

ASUSTOR will be exhibiting at the 2014 Computex consumer electronics exhibition, one of the largest of its kind. ASUSTOR sincerely invites everyone to visit them at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, 4th Floor, Booth L0925a from June 3rd - June 7th, 2014.

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ASUSTOR NAS Devices Not Affected by OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug

Taipei, Taiwan, April 17th 2014 – ASUSTOR Inc. has announced that its products are not affected by the CVE-2014-0160 OpenSSL Heartbleed bug because ASUSTOR’s ADM operating system does not utilize the version of OpenSSL that is associated with the vulnerability. All ASUSTOR users can re

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ASUSTOR Announces Compatibility for ASUS Xonar Series USB DAC Devices

ASUSTOR integrates four USB DAC devices from ASUS including the Xonar Essence III, Xonar Essence One, Xonar Essence STU and Xonar U3, providing users with a rich and full hi-fi listening experience.

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ASUSTOR to Showcase ADM 2.2 and Enterprise Class 7 Series Models at CeBIT 2014

ASUSTOR exhibiting full range of network storage solutions designed for both home and business use, featuring excellent price to performance ratios. New ADM 2.2 operating system features comprehensive Windows ACL support, integration of cloud storage services Google Drive and HiDrive, exclusive SearchlightTM search engine, 2-way backup and mission mode, revolutionary MyArchive technology, innovative ASUSTOR Portal, Mail Server, Photo Gallery, Surveillance Center, Takeasy, AiMusic, AiWatch and AiPhoto mobile apps and Download Helper web browser add-on. ASUSTOR will be exhibiting in Hall 17, D23 from March 10th 2014 to March 14th 2014.

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ASUSTOR Releases Innovative Upgrades with ADM 2.1

Unveiling a new cloud storage experience, all ASUSTOR NAS devices are upgrading to ADM 2.1. Exclusive and innovative MyArchive function allows users to use hard disks as removable storage archives; File Explorer now features thumbnail previews and seamless drag and drop file transfers between NAS and computer; New releases include a VPN Server App and streaming video download App, Takeasy along with Chrome and FireFox add-on Download Center Helper; Mobile app AiMusic streams music from the NAS to mobile devices; Newly added support for Bluetooth devices.

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ASUSTOR to Shine Spotlight on All NAS Products at CeBIT 2014

ASUSTOR will be exhibiting its full range of NAS devices at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover, Germany from March 10th- 14th 2014. ASUSTOR's lineup of NAS devices consist of the 6, 3 and 2 series models along with the brand new enterprise-class 7 series rackmount models. An array of brand new applications, functions and features will also be exhibited with the release of ASUSTOR’s ADM 2.2 operating system.

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ASUSTOR NAS Now Supports Foscam IP Cameras

ASUSTOR expands compatibility to include Foscam cameras. All ASUSTOR NAS devices now support IP cameras from Foscam's HD and SD series.

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ASUSTOR Launches ADM 2.1 Beta Program

ASUSTOR releases ADM 2.1 Beta Program featuring all new MyArchive storage technology, thumbnail previews and the My Computer function for File Explorer, added Bluetooth support, multiple new NAS Apps and the music streaming AiMusic mobile app. All users are welcome to download and experience the beta for themselves.

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ASUSTOR's Exhibition at CES 2014 off to a Great Start

ASUSTOR is currently exhibiting its full range of NAS devices at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas from January 6th-9th 2014. ASUSTOR’s lineup of NAS devices consist of the 6, 3 and 2 series models along with the brand new enterprise-class 7 series rackmount models. Also being highlighted is the innovative ASUSTOR Portal and brand new features from ADM 2.1.

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ASUSTOR Revamps ASUSTOR College Layout

New layout features newly added videos and a side panel which allows users to quickly find the video and documents they need.

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ASUSTOR to Showcase Full Range of NAS Devices at CES 2014

ASUSTOR will be exhibiting its full range of NAS devices at the Trump International Hotel Las Vegas from January 6th- 9th 2014. ASUSTOR’s lineup of NAS devices consist of the 6, 3 and 2 series models along with the brand new enterprise-class 7 series rackmount models. An array of brand new applications, functions and features will also be exhibited.

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ASUSTOR Unveils TV Apps ASUSTOR Portal and Upgraded AiRemote

New functionality for local display, real-time Web browsing, surveillance monitoring, comprehensive ASUSTOR Portal for TV provides PC-free experience, upgraded AiRemote adds “Remote Mode” and “Touchpad Mode” interfaces, provides appropriate toolbar for application in use, ready for use with Boxee, XBMC and Surveillance Center.

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ASUSTOR Adds Compatibility for PowerWalker UPS Devices from BlueWalker

All ASUSTOR NAS devices have been verified as compatible with PowerWalker UPS devices, providing small and medium business users with a wide range of UPS solutions.

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ASUSTOR and MIND to Showcase Full Range of NAS Devices at SMAU 2013

ASUSTOR is exhibiting its entire NAS lineup, including 2 series, 3 series and 6 series devices, at SMAU Milan 2013 from October 23rd – October 25th 2013. Location: Padilion 1, Stand D33, FieraMilanoCity, Milan.

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ASUSTOR Releases Enhancements to Online Technical Support Center

ASUSTOR's online technical support center integrates new knowledge base content and ASUSTOR ID accounts. Users can submit their questions online and view other frequently asked questions, receiving quick and timely technical support.

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ASUSTOR Creates Online Accessories Store

ASUSTOR users can now purchase NAS accessories from ASUSTOR’s Accessories Store and enjoy free shipping on all orders.

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ASUSTOR Announces Compatibility with 3 New WD® Red® NAS Hard Drives

All ASUSTOR NAS devices verified as being compatible with WD's three newest WD Red® Hard drives. New models include the 3.5” 4TB WD40EFRX model, 2.5” 1TB WD10JFCX model and 2.5” 750GB WD7500BFCX model.

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ASUSTOR Integrates 37 New Compro Camera Models

ASUSTOR NAS integrates Compro's high definition TN camera series, providing home and small business users with the most ideal and cost-effective cloud surveillance solution

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ASUSTOR Launches Economical Entry-Level AS 2 Series NAS

Presenting the AS-20XT and AS-20XTE series, equipped with powerful Intel® Atom™ 1.2 GHz dual core processors, boasting a blazing read/write speed of 104%2b MB/74%2b MB. Designed for individual and SOHO users, the AS-20XT series lets users create their own Web server, file server, backup server, download server, and surveillance solution. The AS-20XTE series features an additional HDMI port and infrared receiver allowing users to create the ideal digital home entertainment center.

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ASUSTOR Launches Live Demo Site for ADM 2.0

Newly optimized user interface, easy-to-use, provides multitasking and background operation, features the largest NAS App repository App Central along with AiMaster and AiData mobile apps, comprehensive mobile cloud experience

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ASUSTOR and DVBLogic Announce Limited Time Offer

DVBLogic provides ASUSTOR NAS users with a limited time offer, after downloading DVBLink TV Server from App Central users will be able to enjoy a 30 % discount when upgrading to the full version of the App, offer valid until 9/27/2013

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ASUSTOR Expands Compatibility with Edimax IP Cameras

ASUSTOR NAS adds IP camera models IR-113E and PT-31E from Edimax along with 33 other camera models providing users with a one-stop solution for video surveillance

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ASUSTOR Announces Nordic Language Support for ADM

Taipei, Taiwan, August 12th, 2013 – ASUSTOR Inc. has announced today that it has added Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish language support to its ADM (ASUSTOR Data Master) operating system in addition to its existing support for English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Polish, C

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ASUSTOR NAS Receives Impressive Upgrades with ADM 2.0

All ASUSTOR NAS devices will be upgraded to ASUSTOR's ADM 2.0 NAS operating system, fully optimized user interface is easy to use with zero learning curve, newly added features include original technology such as Searchlight search engine, Mission Mode backup, FTP Explorer and more; App Central also receives updates in App Central V2, along with the launch of two new mobile apps AiMaster and AiData, effectively combining cloud storage with multimedia applications.

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