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ADM 4.0 Beta is Here

ADM 4.0 Beta is smoother, more secure and even better than before. Download ADM 4.0 Beta today to experience performance, security and unrivalled user experience enhancements.

Taipei, Taiwan - 9 June 2021 – ASUSTOR Inc. has released the public beta of ADM 4.0. This is a major upgrade, enhancing the user experience through a number of redesigns. Backup and security features have been upgraded, which bring an unprecedented experience to an ASUSTOR NAS while new features are introduced. Download ADM 4.0 Beta to experience the best of ASUSTOR.
New features of ADM 4.0 Beta:
Brand New UI
ADM 4.0 Beta introduces a redesign of the UI. The all-new login page now supports themes and custom layouts that include custom arrangements and custom wallpapers, making your NAS yours. Other UI enhancements include, but are not limited to manual and automatic dark modes that help both improve aesthetics and increase longevity when viewing ADM on an OLED display.
Increased Functionality – Easier to Use
ADM 4.0 Beta also upgrades functionality. ADM 4.0 has improved search functionality that is smoother and more convenient when looking for files. Browse file information in real time and directly preview and play multimedia files in ADM’s File Explorer. Web Center is also a new feature that brings all the settings for building a web server into one easy-to-find location and makes setting up a website easier than ever.
Under-the-Hood Improvements
ADM 4.0 Beta updates critical features of the OS to improve ease-of-use, security and performance of your ASUSTOR NAS. SAMBA was upgraded to version 4.12, which improves security by patching vulnerabilities while also improving performance and efficiency. Performance has been found to increase by up to 5% and the new SAMBA introduces increased compatibility for macOS devices, especially when backing up using Time Machine. OpenSSL has been upgraded for increased security when transferring data, ensuring that ADM 4.0 Beta is our most secure and fastest experience ever on an ASUSTOR NAS.
*ADM 4.0 Beta supporting models: AS10, AS31/32, AS40, AS50/51, AS61/62, AS63/64, AS70, AS71, Nimbustor, Lockerstor, Lockerstor Pro
*ADM 4.0 no longer supported on: AS-2 / AS-3 / AS-6
*No more exFAT license is required by using exFAT external hard drive or MyArchive after upgrading to ADM 4.0 Beta.
For more information, please visit: http://www.asustor.com/betaProgram
About ASUSTOR Inc.
Founded in 2011, ASUSTOR Inc. was established via direct investment from ASUSTeK Computer Inc. The ASUSTOR brand name was created as a portmanteau of “ASUS” and “Storage”. ASUSTOR is a leading innovator and provider of private cloud storage (network attached storage) and video surveillance (network video recorder) solutions, also specializing in the development and integration of related firmware, hardware and applications. We are devoted to providing the world with unparalleled user experiences and the most complete set of network storage solutions possible.
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