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Jeedom asustor NAS App



Jeedom is a free, open-source software that can be installed on any Linux system.
It’s core-based with multiple functionalities: simple and advanced management of scenarios, text and sound interaction with home automation system, history viewing and curve and graph generation, linking of all equipment and connected objects, personalization of the interface...

Installation Notes:
1. Please create a database in MariaDB by using phpmyadmin to create an username: jeedom, and has the permission of database jeedom.
2. Please enable MariaDB remote access from ADM\Services\MariaDB.
3. Input NAS IP as database hostname and use correspoding MariaDB database name, username and password you setup while initializing Jeedom.
4. After Jeedom initialized, default login account/password is admin/admin, and please change password after login.

Что нового в этой версии?


- Update to Docker version 4.0.49.


- Initial release with Docker version 3.3.30.

Jeedom asustor NAS App