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NAS 265

Automating Download Center

Learn how to automate your torrent downloads using RSS feeds and Download Center.


Upon completion of this course you should be able to:
1.Automate torrent downloads via RSS feeds using Download Center

Course Prerequisites:
NAS 162: Introduction to Download Center
Students are expected to have a working knowledge of:
Download Center

1. About RSS Feeds and Torrents

1. About RSS Feeds and Torrents

1.1 About RSS feeds and torrents
RSS is a subscription format that gives you the option to be instantly notified when new torrents are added to a torrent site. Most torrent websites support and maintain RSS feeds.
You can configure Download Center to search RSS feeds for your favorite content and then have that content automatically downloaded to your ASUSTOR NAS as soon as it is released.

Disclaimer: ASUSTOR Inc. does not in any way endorse or support the illegal downloading or piracy of copyrighted material.

2. Configuring Download Center for Automated Downloads

2.1 Downloading torrents via RSS



Get the URL for the RSS feed from your favorite torrent website. If you have trouble finding the URL, remember to look for the RSS icon.



In Download Center, click on [All RSS Feeds] in the bottom left hand panel and then click on the [ + ] icon.


The Add RSS Feed window will now appear. Enter a name for your RSS feed and then enter the URL for it (from step 1). Click [OK] once you are finished.


Your RSS Feed should now have been successfully added to Download Center. You should now be able to see some entries from the feed. Now, click on the “wrench” icon.


The RSS Filter Manager window should now appear. Here you will be able to create filters for automated downloads. Click on [Create].



The [Create RSS Filter] window should now appear. Give your new filter a name and then click [OK].


You should now be able to see the name of the new filter in the left hand panel. In the right hand panel you will see various settings that you can configure for the new filter. First, select your RSS feed from the drop-down list. Next, in the [Include] field, enter keywords that you want Download Center to search the RSS feed for. Download Center will automatically download any items appearing on the RSS feed containing your specified keywords. Once you finish configuring your settings for the filter, click on [OK].


Download Center will now automatically download any torrents containing your specified keywords from the RSS feed.

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