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Whenever we get to test a product which effectively succeeds another there are two things we look for, how it compares to other similar models in general and how it compares to its predecessor. When I heard that the new AS1004T V2 just offered a higher clocked CPU compared to its predecessor I can’t say that I was impressed mainly because we all felt that the 512MB RAM of the original was too low (especially for 2018). Luckily both the fact that the AS1004T V2 is not really aimed for media playback (the lack of an HDMI output makes that clear right from the get go) and that the numbers advertised by ASUSTOR (20% overall performance gain) are right on the spot (in some of our tests we even saw as much as a 30% performance boost) mean that it doesn’t need more memory to perform all the tasks it was designed for.  The recently released AS1004T V2 NAS by ASUSTOR currently retails for USD239.99 inside the USA (Amazon.com) and for around 280Euros inside the EU meaning that it costs roughly the same as its predecessor when we reviewed it back in May 2017 (launch price was slightly higher). On top of that add its performance boost of around 20%, reduced noise levels and low power consumption and it’s really no wonder why the brand new AS1004T V2 is good enough for our Golden Award.

Golden Award - AS1004T v2

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