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22 Awards



"The AS7004T is a racing beast and it will delight consumers of multimedia content, certainly, but also enthusiasts of virtualization. More » "

FZN, France 2018-01


Exceptional evaluation

"All in all, the ASUSTOR AS7004T is a compelling high-end NAS, which responds with its high performance. It is targeted at primarily power and SOHO users who require high performance even when many users simultaneously access the device. More » "

HardwareLUXX, Germany 2015-08


High rating 4 out of 5 stars review

"This model resolutely professional and can turn into a real small multimedia station that will blend into any environment. Whether you are an amateur or simply demanding, the performance AS7004T not disappoint. More » "

Comptoir-Hardware, France 2015-05


Gold Award

"Besides the excellent hardware equipment Asustor provides the user with a comprehensive and user-friendly operating system, the new ADM 2.4 that in addition to all the interesting features of the previous version, introduces, among other things, also the TRIM feature that will allow for better performance with solid-state drives. The OS allows... More » "

Inside Hardware, Italy 2015-04



"It's a very versatile device that we were given to test. The very high level of performance it offers, especially when paired with a disc of the quality of HGST Deskstar Nas 6TB we had, make it a formidable device of efficiency. More » "

Zebulon, France 2015-04


Best Buy Award

"This is a hallmark of the new advances and continuous innovation by ASUSTOR. ASUSTOR was the first company to adpot Kodi, the next evolution of the XBMC media player and its new class of muiltimedia devices (50, 51, 70 series) supports 4K playback and H.265 encoding. The newly updated ADM (ASUSTOR Data MAster) 2.4 intrdouces enhancements that... More » "

HW Legend, Italy 2015-04


Golden Award

"If you are looking for a high performance NAS oriented to the professional world, the AS7004T is for you. More » "

Sky-Future, France 2015-03



"Conclusion: The Asustor AS7004T is a very good NAS which is especially suitable for multimedia functionality. The NAS has enough scalability to upgrade the internal RAM memory up to 16GB. More » "

Technieuws, Nederlands 2015-03


Recommended Award

"ASUSTOR did a great job with the AS7004T as it combines strong hardware with their already mature ADM operating system. The hardware's and software's feature list is very long. Especially the AS7004T's multimedia capabilities are incredible; it will easily handle the needs of even the most demanding multimedia aficionado More » "

Techpowerup, US 2015-03


Recommande Award

"The AS7004T stands out from the competition thanks to its exclusive features like support for 4K resolution displays and S3 sleep mode that is responsive and fast. Capable of ensuring high flow rates, it offers comfortable transfer rates that rival and even surpass the majority of NAS on the market. More » "

59Hardware, France 2015-02


Renewal Award

"As a product situated in the company's flagship line, the AS7004T is certain worthy. It packs some serious hardware punch with the powerful Intel Core i3-4330 CPU, and delivered top notch performance according to our tests. The front panel LCD display, ability to play 4K UHD videos, and S/PDIF optical out are definitely the icing on the... More » "

APH Networks, Canada 2015-02


Power Award

"Issue# 731 Conclusion: Suitable for advanced users The AS7004T is targeted to meet the needs of advanced users. It’s Core i3 processor and RAM that is expandable to a maximum of 16GB allow it to meet the demands of multiple users accessing the NAS simultaneously. Furthermore, the back panel features an HDMI interface that can meet 4K... More » "

PC3 Magazine, Hong Kong 2015-02


Editor's Choice

"As a storage NAS, this model is the best in its class at this time. The transfer performance that we measured was very good across the board. More » "

TweakTown, US 2015-02



"The management interface – called ADM, which Asustor’s customized linux – is easy to navigate and responsive. It’s obvious where each setting can be found, and I had no issues with it at all. More » "

Makeuseof, Australia 2015-02


Thumb Up Award

"AS7004T: Hardware without compromise! Multimedia oriented NAS with excellent performance which yet hardly will seek competition. Pro Powerful processor,expandable memory Multimedia capabilities Silent operation, acceptable Power consumption More » "

Computer, Czech 2015-02


Highest 5 stars review

"The new AS7004T has undoubtedly hit all the goals that ASUSTOR has set. The subsidiary of ASUS has produced once again a highly and versatile device that is suited to the needs of any potential buyer. It adds to the storage qualities of a high-end NAS a myriad of other uses such as playing multimedia content in the new UHD format, which can be a... More » "

NextHardware, Italy 2015-01


Platinum Award

"We have the impressively smooth playback of media content via XBMC which is not something we see a lot and the AS7004T could be at the top of our list at least in that specific area. The ability to support full 4k (2160p) media playback is also very impressive. More » "

NikkTech, US 2015-01


Great Product Award

"Nothing bad to say about the performance. Playback of a fully self-ripped Blu-ray file was made by the NAS without any lagging, or buffering, and even transcoding of the same material was without any problems. Which I also had expected with 2 GB DDR3 RAM and a i3 CPU. Benchmarks were by the book, and I have an expectation that AS7004T can handle... More » "

Tweak, Denmark 2014-12


Gold & Editor's Choice Award

" If you are looking for an efficient and extremely versatile NAS, with enough power for basically everything a NAS must do, we highly recommend the ASUSTOR AS7004T.  Furthermore we want to underline how easy to use this unit is. More » "

Ocaholic, Switzerland 2015-05


Gold Award

"The AS7004T is an exceptional unit which offers fantastic performance, great features and plenty of future-proofing. A worthy winner of our Gold Award. More » "

Hardware Heaven, UK 2014-12


Must Have Award

"ASUSTOR has shown a strong commitment to keeping their software up to date by adding new features and squashing any bugs. The new ADM 2.3 software is excellent and we really appreciated the revamped design. The fact that existing customers using products based on the more affordable 2 and 3 series can also enjoy the new ADM 2.3 software speaks... More » "

Legion Hardware, Australia 2014-12


Top 1 from 4 bay NAS performance chart

"In order to help buyers find the right NAS, ASUSTOR breaks its product line into multiple categories. We have already reviewed products from the "Personal to Home" 2 series, products from the "Home to Power User" 3 series and the AS-604T from the "Power user to Business" 6 series. This review will focus on the... More » "

Smallnetbuilder, US 2014-11