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Media Review

22 Awards
Test asustor NAS



"Conclusions: In short you will understand, I am a fan of this little jewel of technology! It really is a quality product, silent, powerful and packed with features. In addition, there are regular updates (Interface, functions, packages). More » "

Peltier-Net, France 2015-09
High rating review asustor NAS


High rating review

"The AS5102T is a great server with huge potential. Its greatest advantage is the huge amount of additional applications available in App Central, which is growing with each passing month. More » "

CDRinfo, Poland 2015-07
Platinum Award and Best Buy asustor NAS


Platinum Award and Best Buy

"ASUSTOR's AS5102T has impressed with its performance in all conditions. The quad-core Intel Celeron processor J1900, with the LAN subsystem, delivered excellent performance in handling media streams for reading and writing. This NAS Server, along with an operating system that is constantly expan ... More » "

HWLegend, Italy 2015-07
Recommendation asustor NAS



"All in all, the AS5102T is a very good product. It offers many features and is the right choice if you are intent on installing more than one IP camera in your home because it comes with four camera licenses for free where all other offers in its category only come with one. ASUSTOR also supports th ... More » "

Techpowerup, US 2015-07
Performance Award asustor NAS


Performance Award

"AS5102T 2-bay NAS from ASUSTOR is undoubtedly the AS5104T little brother and while it loses the LCD display and two extra bays, most of the other features are included like the solid chassis, the Intel Celeron J1900 CPU, upgradeable memory feature from the included 2GB (up to 8GB), lockable trays wi ... More » "

Madshrimps, Belgium 2015-07
High rating review asustor NAS


High rating review

"The AS5102T accumulates a lot of good points. It is pleasant to look at, it is extremely fast and it has a rich variety connection ports. But its greatest strength, ultimately, is its extreme flexibility. It will have no trouble finding a place in your home or even your office. More » "

Fredzone, France 2015-06
Gold Award asustor NAS


Gold Award

"The AS5102T is a brilliant NAS that is more than suitable for a home user or business. The NAS is more than capable and works great as a media centre if you connect it to a TV with HDMI. The extra power that is provided with the quad core CPU and the memory really makes a difference to the speed of ... More » "

Andrews Reviews, UK 2015-06
Gold and Silver awards asustor NAS

AS5002T, AS5102T

Gold and Silver awards

"We are very fond of these two models from Asustor. They provide excellent performance. Consider the connectivity and smart apps. The presence of an HDMI connection makes these models even more attractive if you are looking for network and media player functionality in one device. We recommend both m ... More » "

Hardware Info, Netherlands 2015-05
Cool Product Award asustor NAS

AS5102T, AS-302T

Cool Product Award

"When the ability to connect to TVs via HDMI is taken into account, the AS-302T from ASUSTOR has no real opposition. And if you want more, ASUSTOR's AS5102T (139 000 HUF) is a good choice. More » "

Prohardver, Hungary 2015-04
Recommended asustor NAS

AS5002T, AS5102T


"In conclusion, both the AS5002T and the AS5102T are excellent devices just waiting to be explored because they are easy to use and seem to have endless opportunities. More » "

Autour de Sam, France 2015-04
Gold Award asustor NAS


Gold Award

"If you are looking for a scalable product that will allow you to do multimedia, and also storage, the AS5102 T is what you need. More » "

CowcotLand, France 2015-04
High rating asustor NAS


High rating

"The AS5102T is a compelling choice for a NAS, thanks to its power, features, and versatility. Running it all is a 2.0GHz quad-core Intel Celeron 2.0GHz processor that is backed by 2GB of SO-DIMM DDR3L RAM that is expandable up to 8GB. Furthermore, it is powered by ADM, one of the best custom NAS OSe ... More » "

HWM, Malaysia 2015-04
Recomendation asustor NAS



"The ASUSTOR AS5102T with the new updated software definitely is one of the most versatile NAS units we have tested. We like what we saw for hardware, software and functionality. The overall performance is really good, it is Gigabyte Ethernet compatible and though not cheap we feel the price is fair ... More » "

Guru3D, US 2015-04
Editor's Choice Award asustor NAS


Editor's Choice Award

"The performance was great in all the benchmarks, and the AS5102T did great on all tests. The web interface and smart apps alike are equally fast and responsive, which is great to see. I was thoroughly impressed by ASUSTOR’s operating system, ADM. I found it very intuitive to use and it was eas ... More » "

eTeknix, UK 2015-04
No. 1 ranking from among 35 2-bay NASes asustor NAS


No. 1 ranking from among 35 2-bay NASes

"TESTED By CHIP Germany,AS5102T achieves No. 1 ranking from among 35 2-bay NASes More » "

CHIP, Germany 2015-04
Best Performance Award asustor NAS


Best Performance Award

"Overall, the Asustor AS5102T is a solid appliance that offers the performance for multi-user environments, and functionality the typical consumer would want. More » "

TweakTown, US 2015-04
Best Buy Award asustor NAS

AS5002T, AS5102T

Best Buy Award

"From 8 NAS roundup review by Computer Magazine (#4/15) AS5002T and AS5102T both receive highest rating from comparison with 8 other NASes. AS5002T Rating: 9.3Pros: Performance and operational properties / XBMC and more multimedia applications AS5102T Verdict: 9.2 Pros: Excellent performance/cons ... More » "

Computer, Czech 2015-04
Gold Award  asustor NAS


Gold Award

"These NAS for small offices have the availability to stream their video, music or photo files for all household appliances. On the other hand, can still connect the Asustor directly to a TV and sound system and use the NAS as a media player together with the very popular Kodi/ XBMC. Overall, this N ... More » "

PC Guia, Portugal 2015-03



"We have here a complete NAS. It is fast, reliable and efficient. More » "

Cachem, France 2015-03
Small but extremely powerful server asustor NAS


Small but extremely powerful server

"I highly recommend a model like this, for people who want a stable environment for their files and other important things. You also get a media player in it. We land on a nice grade 10. Because there are some new things that draws it, up. It is with the new locks on the drive trays, support Kodi med ... More » "

ElektronikTest, Denmark 2015-03
Review asustor NAS



"The AS5102T hangs between the two at last. Thus, also the multimedia performance of the NAS pushed forward. With the HDMI port for example, you hang a screen to your NAS and you have a nice multimedia setup for movie consumption. An option to backend for your surveillance system (via Surveillance Ce ... More » "

Winmag Pro, Netherlands 2015-02
Review asustor NAS

AS5102T, AS5104T


"For 2-bay NASes, the ASUSTOR AS5102T and AS5002T hold the #1 and #2 (respectively) spots on the charts for Total NAS ranking. AS5104T is the #2 following AS7004T. ASUSTOR has once again shown it can produce NASes with chart-topping performance at more affordable prices than its competition. More » "

Smallnetbuilder, US 2015-02