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Media Review

31 Awards
Video review asustor NAS

Indian Gamer, India


Video review



HWP, Russia



"Overview of the Asustor AS3202T NAS "

ASUSTOR AS3202T NAS review: Get one home asustor NAS

The Asian Age, India

ASUSTOR AS3202T NAS review: Get one home asustor NAS

Deccann Chronicle, India


ASUSTOR AS3202T NAS review: Get one home

"The NAS is robust, easy to install, feature rich and requires almost zero maintenance. Simply plug in compatible and sufficient storage drives, configure it once and you are good to go. The ASUSTOR NAS is beneficial for those who have a lot of data to store locally for faster access, especially thos ... "

Review asustor NAS

Lab501, Romania



"ASUSTOR AS3202T stands out amongst the crowd with its powerful quad-core processor, its HDMI output that supports up to a 4K resolution and its competitive price. "

Review asustor NAS

КомпьютерПресс, Russia



"ASUSTOR AS4002T Home Network Storage "

Review asustor NAS

aminhacasadigital, Portugal



"it is an equipment that I personally recommend and, in conclusion, I leave some of the features that stood out the most for my use: support HDMI 4k, many useful APP, very quiet. "

Review asustor NAS

Techno-Science.net, France



"Several media servers are available in App Central, including the popular KODI and PLEX. With the UPnP/DLNA protocol, the media stored on the NAS is available on all compatible devices on the network (connected televisions, boxes and computers).  "

Gold by xtreme hardware Awards asustor NAS

xtremehardware, Italy


Gold by xtreme hardware Awards

"If you are looking for a great dual bay NAS to deliver high-definition entertainment, the Asustor AS3202T is definitely your choice!   "

PC Games Hardware Award asustor NAS

PC Games Hardware Magazine, Germany


PC Games Hardware Award

"The AS3202T has overall the best performance in data transfer, noise and file copy. "

Review asustor NAS




"The NAS is sold at a suggested retail price of € 289 (supplied without hard drives), making it a good choice. A lot of applications, good performance and regular updates ... everything is done to make this NAS the multimedia center of your living room. "

Nominations for the European Hardware Awards 2017 asustor NAS

European Hardware Association, Europe


Nominations for the European Hardware Awards 2017

"AS3202T was nominated for the European Hardware Awards 2017. The European Hardware Association comprises 9 of the largest independent technology news and reviews sites from across Europe, with a combined audience in excess of 22 million. No other honour in this industry spans so many countries, edit ... "

Silver Award asustor NAS

Bjorn3D, US


Silver Award

"Using Asustor AS3202T as your media hub also works well. AsustorPortal offers a good UI on the TV and with kodi and Plex installed it gives us all we need to be able to watch (almost) anything. We’re not completely sold on the idea of a big NAS by the TV or the receiver (and depending on the HDD ... "

Golden Award asustor NAS

Sky-Future, France


Golden Award

"This NAS is beautiful, powerful and silent. Plus it has a 3 year warranty just like other Asustor NAS products. For its reasonable price you will get a very good multimedia center with many other functions integrated within the ADM operating system. In addition, the AS3202T is 4K compatible and is t ... "

Recommend Award: Successful and strong NAS asustor NAS

AltomDATA, Denmark


Recommend Award: Successful and strong NAS

"A very successful NAS with a fairly strong quad-core processor, a wealth of options including connectivity directly to TV. There are many apps with lots of features. The user interface is close to the best and the search function is the best in the test. "

Approved Award asustor NAS

Letesteur, France


Approved Award

"For a suggested retail price of € 309, this NAS is just EXCELLENT. Largely thanks to ADM, its very intuitive and complete operating system. Not to mention performance worthy of an upscalemedia center. Nothing to say, the promises are kept and we were impressed! "

Review asustor NAS

Betanews, Korea



"High performance and 4K video output in a home NAS "

High Performance NAS asustor NAS

GongA.com, Korea


High Performance NAS

"The NAS provides good balance for its price and performance. Powered by Intel quad-core processor, we are impressive by its 4K UHD output with HDMI, as well as AiVideos and the Hyper-transcoding functions. "

Very good overall rating 91.6% asustor NAS

CHIP, Germany


Very good overall rating 91.6%

"With an overall rating of 91.6, the NAS Asustor AS3202T is at a very good level. Looking at the test categories functionality, equipment, and performance, we can certify the device excellent results. A good news for all who are interested in the device: In the test we could not find any particularly ... "

Highly Recommended Award asustor NAS

Techpowerup, US


Highly Recommended Award

"The quad-core CPU offers a nice performance boost over the dual-core CPU of the AS3102T. It becomes obvious in multimedia applications or when the NAS performs various operations at once. The AS3202T also consumes very little power, so you can easily have it operate around the clock without having t ... "

Very good devices asustor NAS

iXBT, Russia


Very good devices

" Review for AS1002T and AS3202T.  In our opinion, the combination of quality, features and cost for a new product are very good. Devices may well speak to the leading competitors in this segment. "

Great Job Award asustor NAS

Xtrememsystems, US


Great Job Award

"The best aspect of this product is definitely its high performance-per-dollar ratio, which I believe will make it claim a good portion of the market pie in this category.ASUSTOR is on full frontal attack in terms of price and performance, the AS3202T is simply a terrific product that easily outclass ... "

Editor's Choice asustor NAS

Hispazone, Spain


Editor's Choice

"It has large multi-platform support, applications and services for any known platform, and is extremely easy to take advantage of thanks to its automatic access management and port configuration. It is powerful, as we have seen in its video playback capability, and very versatile. A brand and platfo ... "

Gold Award asustor NAS

Actualidad Hardware, Spain


Gold Award

"Good performance with powerful ADM OS, Mobile apps for devices to 16TB capaicty. Intel Celeron Quad-core processor 2.24Ghz.  2GB DDR3L.  4K HDMI and USB 3.0.  Offers 3 years warranty "

Review (Rating: 4.5/5) asustor NAS

PPK Special, Czech


Review (Rating: 4.5/5)

"AS3202T is 2-bay NAS server for home and small office whcih offers high performance and energy-saving operation .It can be operated by internet using mobile applications. "

Recommended for all users asustor NAS

WinTotal, Germany


Recommended for all users

" We recommend all users who are looking for a (new) NAS, to have a look on the shelves for ASUSTOR. The mature operating system harmonizes perfectly with the powerful hardware that for many households could be almost too much of a good thing - not for nothing that the NAS is even advertised for pow ... "

Gold Award asustor NAS

IT-Connect, France


Gold Award

"This NAS from ASUSTOR will get noticed for its performance and the opportunities it offers. The performance level is very good and the design is elegant. "

Blogger's Review asustor NAS

Adrien Ferret, France


Blogger's Review

"This NAS is beautiful on the outside. I appreciate its connectivity, including HDMI, although a second network port or a SD card reader would not have been too much. I especially appreciate the many mobile applications. "

Review asustor NAS

APH Networks, Canada



"The company's excellent ADM operating system continues to be the highlight of the ownership experience, being one of the best in the industry both in features and execution. On the hardware side of things, the ASUSTOR AS3202T is equipped with a more powerful quad core Intel Celeron N3160 CPU compare ... "

Gold Award asustor NAS

4News, Italy


Gold Award

"The AS3202T from Asustor placed first in our personal list of the best consumer and prosumer NAS. It’s modern, powerful and affordable with a price that will be for sure appreciated by the users looking for an upgrade to their systems in order to enjoy HD and UltraHD content on their TV and PC. Th ... "

Best Design Platinum Award and Best Buy asustor NAS

HW Legend, Italy


Best Design Platinum Award and Best Buy

"The new AS3202T is the ideal solution for users who make intensive use of multimedia content across multiple devices. Also playing videos with Kodi is of great visual impact, thanks to more fluid and linear scenes. "