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Media Review

7 Awards
Recommend Award asustor NAS

WhatNext, Poland


Recommend Award

"Asustor's product is a very good NAS server that you can buy successfully. Especially at this price it is a really good deal "

Golden Award asustor NAS

Nikktech , US


Golden Award

"the AS3102T V2 does offer a good bang for your buck and that combined with the very rich app database ASUSTOR offers and of course their very good product support (3-year warranty included) are certainly enough for us to also give it our Golden award (just like its predecessor). "

Editorial Tip asustor NAS

Computer Totaal, Netherlands


Editorial Tip

"A modern nas goes further than just network storage and is a combination of hardware and software. The operating system determines what you can do with your nas. From-that we are paying extra attention this month to those options "

Asustor AS3102T v2 file server review asustor NAS

Blogotech, Poland


Asustor AS3102T v2 file server review

"As you can see, between AS3102T and AS3102Tv2 there are not too many differences. They are limited in principle to the addition of new ports - LAN and USB. There are also new tools available for users, but since they are available to both new and old NAS owners, I do not see this as something unique ... "

Review: Quality Home NAS asustor NAS

PCmag, US


Review: Quality Home NAS

"The ASUSTOR AS3102T v2 is a two-drive NAS designed for home users that delivers speedy performance and comes with a generous assortment of I/O ports and apps. "

Recommended Award asustor NAS

PCfoster, Poland


Recommended Award

"AS3102T v2 is really well built, looks great and at the same time is characterized by high work culture, as well as quite good performance.  "

Home two-bay NAS server AS3102T v2 asustor NAS

Počítač pro každého, Czech


Home two-bay NAS server AS3102T v2

"The server is energy-efficient and offers plenty useful features with a good price-performance ratio. We like complete Czech control and easy installation of discs. "