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The Switch’nstor is Here!

Five 2.5GbE ports, compatible with Cat5e cables, easy and seamless deployment make the Switch’nstor an easy and affordable speed boost on your network.

Taipei, Taiwan - 8 September 2021 - ASUSTOR Inc. today is proud to announce its first five port network switch named the Switch\'nstor. The Switch\’nstor uses Realtek 2.5GbE controllers in addition to its fashionable enthusiast aesthetic. The Switch\’nstor is efficient and combines well with any 2.5GbE-enabled ASUSTOR NAS or 2.5GbE-enabled computer. PC or NAS not compatible with 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet? Purchase an AS-U2.5G2 and plug it into a USB 3.2 port found on a NAS to easily upgrade a device to 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet and experience more than double the speed. The Switch\’nstor is backwards compatible with Gigabit and 100-Megabit speeds, ensuring that it is compatible with almost any device, albeit at lower speeds, ensuring maximum seamlessness.


The Switch\’nstor chassis design is made of metal. With both heat dissipation and a beautiful aesthetic, the Switch\’nstor dissipates heat and does so while looking good. Take advantage of five 2.5-Gigabit Ethernet ports, each providing more than double the performance of traditional Gigabit Ethernet. The ASUSTOR Switch\’nstor supports backwards compatibility, ensuring that almost any device will plug in seamlessly while Cat5e cables work flawlessly, saving you from unnecessary cable replacements.


The lightweight design of Switch\’nstor weighs only 350 g, which is currently among the lightest five port 2.5GbE unmanaged switch. This makes it convenient to place almost anywhere, especially on walls. The fanless design ensures total silence while effectively dissipating heat from the efficient Realtek controllers through the case and internal heatsinks to maintain optimal performance at all times.



The Switch\’nstor is covered by two years warranty.

For detailed purchase information, please contact our global distributors or ASUSTOR Parts Center.

For more product information, please visit the official website: https://www.asustor.com



Switch\’nstor Specs:

•    Controller: RTL8731+RTL8221B

•    Ports: 5

•    Management features: Unmanaged

•    Speeds: 100/1000/2500

•    Jumbo frame support: 12K

•    Standards: IEEE 802.3 Ethernet,  IEEE 802.3u (100BASE-T), IEEE 802.3ab,(1000BASE-T), IEEE 802.3bz (2.5GBase-T) , IEEE 802.3x (Full-Duplex Flow Control)

•    Total switching capacity : 25Gbps

•    MAC address table : 16K

•    Total flow: 12.5Gbps

•    Packet buffer: 4.1Mbit

•    Packet forwarding rate: 18.6Mpps

•    Advanced features: IEEE 802.3X traffic management

•    Transmission mode: Store and forward

•    Maximum power consumption: 10 W

•    Cooling: Fanless

•    Dimensions: 90 x 140 x 28 mm