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Photo Gallery asustor NAS App

Photo Gallery


Photo Gallery est une application développée en interne par ASUSTOR. Elle vous permet de créer un album photo réseau unique que vous pourrez partager avec vos famille et amis.

Quoi de neuf dans cette version ?


-Fixed issue: Using the browser to view the video in album page and performing maximize and resume will cause the videos play in the background.


-Fixed issue:In Photo Gallery browsing mode, the cover of the new created folder won't appear and only generate the cover after clicking the folder.


-1.Fixed the share-link incorrect problem when Photo Gallery not log-in.

-2.Fixed number order incorrect problem.

-3.Fixed some display abnormal issue.


- Add support for 2-step verification


- Fixed some share-link incorrect issues


- Adjust framework for PHP 7.0

- Fixed some share-link incorrect issues

*Note: Please update Photo Gallery to 2.0.1.r351 or above if PHP7 is installed.


- Fixed issue " Share-link incorrect under ezconnect mode"


- Add supports for Btrfs snapshot restoration.

*Note: ASUSTOR recommends updating Photo Gallery to 2.0.1.r341 if ADM is updated to 3.3.0 Beta.


- Delete the message that suggests installation of the vlc when clicking on the new tab to preview movie under IE browser


- Fixed issue to show user account while non admin user edit the privilege of album.

- Fixed issue to display photo correct orientation if upload photos from File explorer.


- Fixed issue "After uploading photos, the covers of album appear incorrectly rotated".


-Fixed unable to download videos issue

-Fixed issue "When browsing results by using advanced search, the thumbnails are wrong"


Please update ADM to 3.1.1, or you can not update photo gallery to 2.0.1.r331.

- support HEIC photos


- Support ADM 3.1


- Fixed issue “When user's privilege of album is upload, they shouldn't have the right to add tags”


- Fixed issue “idle for a period of time will cause upload fail”


- Fixed issue "When use advanced search, there are no left and right arrow symbol on calendar of time taken (files)"

- Fixed issue "Unable to display thumb of RAW, if you move Photo Gallery share folder to Volume 2"


- When use internet passthrough to connect to NAS, disable share to function.

- Fixed issue "Unable to successfully upload files from AiFoto"

- Fixed issue "Watch videos in full screen mode, unable to show video control bar"

- Fixed issue "When not login Photo Gallery, incorrect display of ui strings.

- Fixed issue "When choose High Quality in Settings and upload from pc to NAS, unable to show correct thumb in full screen mode"


- Fixed issue "When access album, always show loading"


- Support to move PhotoGallery share folder to another disk volume. (At first, you have to remove Photo Gallery app, and then you can use Access Control to move PhotoGallery share folder.)

Notice: After changing to another volume and install Photo Gallery app, all thumbnails will be re-generated again, and cannot save owner of the album, privilege, cover, tag, comment.

- Fixed issue "set straight photo as a cover, the picture will be wrong "

- Fixed issue "In Browse mode, should remove set as a cover function for undefined album"

- Fixed issue "username too long won't fit in username field"


- Fixed "database migration error from PG1 to PG2" issue

* In some cases, you might need to go to ADM [Services] > [MariaDB Server] to disable and enable MariaDB to apply the fix.

Photo Gallery asustor NAS App