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elFinder asustor NAS App


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  • Developer: Studio 42
  • Maintainer: Patrick
  • Version: 2.1.53.r1
  • Category: Utility
  • Size: 1.16MB
  • Support model: AS6, AS70, AS50, AS51, AS2, AS3, AS10, AS61, AS62, AS31, AS32, AS63, AS64, AS40, AS52, AS53, AS65, AS71, AS66, AS11, AS33, AS67
  • Last Update: 2020-02-07


elFinder is a file manager for web similar to that you use on your computer. Written in JavaScript using jQuery UI, it just work's in any modern browser. Its creation is inspired by simplicity and convenience of Finder.app program used in Mac OS X.

This version cannot upgrade from v2.0.rc1 (released on 2013), but it will copy the original uploaded files/folders to this App.
It's recommended to remove v2.0.rc1 after installing this App.

What's new in this version?


- Update to latest version 2.1.53.

elFinder asustor NAS App