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ASUSTOR Data Master

ADM 4.1 continues ASUSTOR’s commitment to security by continuing to introduce better and more robust security measures.


  • 1. ASUSTOR recommends that you back up important data before upgrading.
  • 2. It will no longer be possible to downgrade to a previous version after installing ADM 4.1 .
  • 3. Update App Central apps after upgrading to ADM 4.1 for the best experience and maximum compatibility.

Samba Improvements

SMB Multichannel brings double, triple or even quadruple transfer performance depending on the number of Ethernet ports while WS-Discovery makes your NAS visible to your Windows PC on your local network by the NAS server name.



ASUSTOR provides a holistic solution for protecting your data against a variety of threats using Dr. ASUSTOR. Dr. ASUSTOR helps protect your data from a variety of threats, including, but not limited to ransomware attacks.

Dr. ASUSTOR performs checkups based on the current state of your system, settings and connectivity. After performing these checkups, Dr. ASUSTOR will diagnose any problems and provide you with appropriate recommendations.


DNS Challenge Means Myasustor.com is Easier to Use

DNS Challenge support for myasustor.com makes connecting to your NAS securely even easier. Port 80 no longer needs to be forwarded for Let’s Encrypt certificates. IPv6 support has also been added to myasustor.com for increased support. ADM 4.2 updates old Let’s Encrypt certificates for myasustor.com with DNS Challenge supported. This makes it easier and faster to keep certificates up to date.


Security Improvements on ADM

ADM 4.1 continues ASUSTOR's commitment to security by continuing to introduce better and more robust security measures. Improve security by enabling the HTTP Content Security Policy header. In addition to fixing security issues, ransomware and malware removal and defense mechanisms that recognize abnormal behavior to improve overall security of your ASUSTOR NAS have been added to ADM 4.1.


Btrfs Enhancements

ADM 4.1 has been upgraded to Linux kernel 5.13 and enhances both Btrfs performance and stability. Kernel 5.13 makes data scrubbing and file self-healing even more reliable and efficient to ensure that snapshots reliably save important version data.

Available on: AS31, 32, 52, 53, 61, 62, 63, 64, Lockerstor, Lockerstor Gen2, Lockerstor Pro


Easy-to-Use Web Server Settings – Web Center

Web Center is a new feature that enables users to easily choose the appropriate tools for set up a web server. Apache, Nginx, PHP 7.4 and PHP 8 are available now to get your website up and running quickly and efficiently.


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