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ADM 3.5


  • 1. ASUSTOR recommends that you back up important data before upgrading.
  • 2. It will no longer be possible to downgrade to a previous version after installing ADM 3.5.
  • 3. After upgrading to ADM 3.5, please install MariaDB from App Central's ASUSTOR Apps to reduce compatibility issues.

MyArchive Now Supports Btrfs and Snapshots

ASUSTOR’s MyArchive has been upgraded again, bringing Btrfs and snapshots. Btrfs enables easy control of your backups by supporting snapshots and version history. If a file is unintentionally modified, it can be recovered. The advent of Btrfs on MyArchive drives enable even safer backups than ever before. MyArchive drives with Btrfs are fully supported on other ASUSTOR NAS devices that support Btrfs, strengthening protection of your data.

Applicable models: AS40, 50, 51, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 70, Nimbustor and Lockerstor


New Preferences Widget – Easily Find the Settings You Want

The all-new preferences widget design integrates all ADM settings, and integrates settings functions that were originally scattered in preferences, access control, and services into a single area. The new interface makes system management more efficient and settings easier to find. Browse and access all related settings with one click.


Browse and Access MyArchive Snapshots and EZ Sync Files

File Explorer has been upgraded browse more diversified data sources. In addition to MyArchive snapshots, historic versions of files are easily accessible through File Explorer to quickly restore previous versions. EZ Sync support has also been added to File Explorer to make files directly accessible. With File Explorer, files and folders can be dragged and dropped directly to and from EZ Sync folders, making EZ Sync easier than ever to use.


M.2 Storage – Take Control of Your NAS

With the introduction of M.2 storage on an ASUSTOR NAS, you are now able to choose how you store your data. With M.2 caching, your NAS automatically stores frequently used data on installed M.2 drives. With the all-new M.2 storage feature, M.2 SSDs provide levels of sequential and random performance that are unattainable for most hard drives. Combine M.2 SSDs with an ASUSTOR NAS to access, modify, copy and move up to thousands of files, such as photos, music and raw video and audio editing projects at extreme random performance while ASUSTOR NAS devices featuring 10-Gigabit Ethernet become an ultra-high sequential speed storage volume able to move large files between PCs and NAS quickly.
Files stored in this volume can be accessed quickly and remain there no matter how often they are accessed. Create content quickly and easily on the M.2 SSDs and then archive work on the hard drives to create a powerful high-speed, high capacity workspace. Play games? Create an iSCSI volume on your NAS on the M.2 SSDs to create an easy way to play games without running out of storage on your laptop. Unleash the full potential of your NAS by utilizing the full speed 2.5 and 10-Gigabit ports while also increasing the maximum total storage your NAS can handle, making ASUSTOR the number one NAS available.

* To maintain optimal performance and quality, M.2 drives may only be paired with other M.2 drives in a RAID array.


Reverse Proxies
Protect Multiple NAS Devices with HTTPS Security

Reverse proxy servers help retrieve resources on behalf of a client and secure the data transmitted. This enables other NAS devices containing sensitive information that may be vulnerable in an attack to remain offline and away from the internet to retrieve internet data with HTTPS security from the reverse proxy.

Note: Reverse proxy is currently not supported for apps requiring separate logins.


Improve App Connection Security

Apps that don’t use HTTPS can use a reverse proxy server to enable HTTP Secure connections. Some Portainer implementations do not use HTTPS. A reverse proxy connection can direct a local Portainer HTTP connection to the reverse proxy server and retrieve data from the proxy server through a secure tunnel, increasing security.

Note: Some apps already use a reverse proxy server for connection security. Please refer to the relevant documentation for each app.


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