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Resilio Sync asustor NAS App

Resilio Sync


Sync uses peer-to-peer technology to provide fast, private file sharing for teams and individuals. By skipping the cloud, transfers can be significantly faster because files take the shortest path between devices. Sync does not store your information on servers in the cloud, avoiding cloud privacy concerns. Install Sync on a NAS device to automatically keep all your folders in Sync continuously available through your NAS.


If you were using the previous package, please read this page before updating:


Что нового в этой версии?

2.7.2: Bugfix

2.7.0: Major release: new features and bugfix

2.6.4: Security fix

2.6.3: Crash fixes

2.6.0: Bugfixes

2.4.1: Updated upstream release

2.2.2: Various core fixes

2.1.1: A few core engine improvements

2.0.104 : Bugfixes

2.0.93 : Initial BitTorrent Sync 2.0 version