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Media Review

12 Awards
Best Value Award asustor NAS

TweakTown, US


Best Value Award

"ASUSTOR's AS5004T is a solid NAS solution with a good amount of features for the standard consumer. Adding to that is its strong price point, making it one of the best bang for your buck four bay appliances with media features on the market today. "

Gold Award asustor NAS

GadgetGear, Netherlands


Gold Award

"A rugged housing and expanded capabilities feature in the ASUSTOR AS5004T NAS. The addition of HDMI and a remote control make it ideal for the living room while it can be deployed in a business situation as a complete desktop PC. "

Review asustor NAS

OCStation, Thailand



"Advantages The ADM OS has an easy to use Apps that can be installed easily. They are easy to update to the latest version and the built-in FTP client is great. The unit is well-made and has premium feel. Silent fan Dual LAN for Link Aggregation so you do not need to use a managed switch. "

APC Hot Product asustor NAS

APC Magazine, Australia


APC Hot Product

"4.5 out of 5 stars out of 10 NASes AS5004T: A NAS with the media centric features you need. Verdict: High end features for a surprisingly affordable price tag. "

Gold Cowcot Award asustor NAS

CowcotLand, France


Gold Cowcot Award

"If you like the style of ASUSTOR applications and you are looking for a product that stores data and also provides the possibility of a media player, go for the AS-5004T. A gold Cowcot! Pros: Performance / Interface / Finish / Applications "

Great Product Award asustor NAS

Tweak, Denmark


Great Product Award

"ASUSTOR offers a great product as usual, and the AS-5004T is everything you could want at home from a NAS server. If you are looking for a gathering point for all of your family's data or a dedicated media center, this is the server for you. Because of the many safety functions in this server it ... "

Recomendado N3D Award asustor NAS

Noticias3D, Spain


Recomendado N3D Award

"Still, for professionals or for those who want to centralize all of their devices in an almost magical way, we cannot do anything but give the ASUSTOR 5004T a "Recommended" award from Noticias3D. "

Storage solution for the photographer asustor NAS

CHIP FotoVideo, Indonesia


Storage solution for the photographer

"ASUSTOR AS5002T & AS5004T introduced for the CHIP Foto Video audience. ADM offers great S3 features, data security and ease of access at anytime and from anywhere. "

Gold Award  asustor NAS

BCCHardware, Canada


Gold Award

"The AS5004T is no mere Network Attached Storage box for your home. This isn't built for your average home user. It certainly works in that situation, but this box is built to work in SMB environment and as you can see in the review - it can do that and more. It is designed for a corporate office ... "

Recommended Award asustor NAS

DatorMagazin, Denmark


Recommended Award

"ASUSTOR offers good performance under high loads, numerous connections and an extensive range of applications. Verdict: Recommended NAS. A reliable, quiet unit with good performance during high loads. "

Super Award asustor NAS

Xtremesystems, US


Super Award

"In the current era where the number of user of smart phones is booming, the ‘at home’ feeling of an icon based interface is going to be far more welcome than some may imagine.Another thing that is also very welcome to see is the task-bar style section at the top of the GUI that allows fo ... "

Strong recommendation for the home asustor NAS

We Got Served, UK


Strong recommendation for the home

"Delivering powerful media performance, a comprehensive set of features and a high quality chassis that really looks the business, the ASUSTOR AS-5004 NAS gets a strong recommendation for the home. "