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ASUSTOR ADM 4.0 Beta – A Colorful Take on One of the Best NAS Operating Systems.

ADM 4.0 Beta provides an onslaught of custom theme settings, ensuring that your NAS remains yours.


Taipei, Taiwan, 17 August 2021 – ADM 4.0 Beta is here. ADM 4.0 is ASUSTOR’s biggest change to ADM to date. Personalize your NAS the way you want with improved aesthetics by creating your own unique themes in ADM 4. In addition to increased personalization, the UI has been improved, making this the prettiest ADM ever.
Increased Personalization
Customize a variety of personalized settings to your own preferences and needs to make your NAS your own. Desktop icons can also be customized with and without rounded rectangles adding to ADM’s vast number of aesthetic improvements.
Login Page Customization
The new and improved login page lets you directly change your background while also providing options to move the login dialogue box to a different position. ADM 4.0 also brings custom system announcements that can be broadcast on the login page for multiple users within an organization, ensuring all aspects of ADM are convenient.
Dark Mode
Dark mode is new to ADM. Enjoy an aesthetically pleasing, potentially power-saving dark mode. When dark mode is activated, it can help reduce power consumption on OLED displays while also preserving their longevity. Dark mode is often found to be aesthetically pleasing to many people that might prefer the contrast it provides and its lower brightness, especially when using your NAS at night. 


Download ADM 4.0 Beta today: http://www.asustor.com/betaProgram



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