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ASUSTOR Makes the Best Even Better. The New AS3102T v2 and AS3204T v2 Redefine the Enthusiast NAS.

With optimized performance, twin Ethernet ports for up to double the speed, increased hard disk compatibility, enhanced multimedia features and a more customizable feature set help make ASUSTOR’s best even better.

Taipei, Taiwan - 11 July, 2018 – ASUSTOR Inc. today released two new NAS models, the AS3102T v2 and AS3204T v2, which improve on the previous design of multimedia NAS, The AS3102T and AS3204T.  The AS3102T v2 and AS3204T v2 are equipped with two Gigabit Ethernet ports, allowing the use of network aggregation settings to double the network performance of the NAS. Increasing the amount of Ethernet ports allows hard drives to make better use of their rated speed for those who need it, such as those in the AV industry.  Our new models also support the Intel AES-NI instruction set, which increases encryption and decryption performance using the CPU. Large amounts of data can now be encrypted far more quickly and helps increase data security and efficiency for storage, backup, and remote access.


ASUSTOR product manager Johnny Chen said: "The AS3102T v2 and AS3204T v2 integrate business-quality hardware into an affordable NAS to help increase performance and reliability. Since some higher capacity drives contained only four screw holes, we have redesigned the hard drive bays to be compatible with drives that feature four or six screw holes, greatly increasing the flexibility of an ASUSTOR NAS. Therefore, those who need high performance and high storage capacity, the AS3102T v2 and AS3204T v2 are the best choices."

The all new AS3102T v2 and AS3204T v2 will ship with the latest version of ADM, making backups and storage easier than ever. Choose from more than 200 apps on App Central. ASUSTOR NAS devices are also compatible with a wide variety of USB DACs and can be easily integrated into an existing HiFi audio set. AiMusic can easily play music remotely so that music can be listened to anywhere with an internet connection as well. ASUSTOR has also improved remote connection features in the up and coming ADM 3.2. Ezconnect.to, ASUSTOR’s new remote web login service does not need configuration of the router, instead only requiring an ASUSTOR Cloud ID. Just type in the designated URL with your Cloud ID and login to enjoy the convenience of accessing your NAS from anywhere.


All ASUSTOR NAS devices have a three year warranty. For detailed purchase information, please contact your local distributor.
For detailed product information, please visit the official website: http://www.asustor.com
Compatibility list: http://www.asustor.com/service/compatibility


AS3102Tv2 and AS3204Tv2 Specifications:

  • AS3102T v2: Intel Celeron 1.6GHz Dual Core CPU with a 2.16Ghz turbo
  • AS3204T v2: Intel Celeron 1.6GHz Quad Core CPU with a 2.24Ghz turbo
  • RAID 1 aggregated read/write speeds of up to 225.98 MB/s and 140.09MB/s
  • RAID 5 aggregated read/write speeds of up to 226.20MB/s and 202.34MB/s
  • 2GB of DDR3L RAM
  • 2x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Front panel USB 3.0
  • 2x rear panel USB 3.0
  • HDMI 1.4B
  • IR receiver
  • Supports Single drives, JBOD, RAID levels 0, 1, for two drives and 5, 6, 10 require four drives.
  • Supports AES-NI hardware encryption
  • Supports seamless system migration
  • Energy saving design puts the system to sleep (S3)
  • Supports up to 12TB on a single drive



Founded in 2011, ASUSTOR Inc. was established via direct investment from ASUSTeK Computer Inc. The ASUSTOR brand name was created as a portmanteau of “ASUS” and “Storage”. ASUSTOR is a leading innovator and provider of private cloud storage (network attached storage) and video surveillance (network video recorder) solutions, also specializing in the development and integration of related firmware, hardware and applications. We are devoted to providing the world with an unparalleled user experience and the most complete set of network storage solutions possible.

Media contact information: marketing@asustor.com