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Automatic Photo and Video Backup to Your ASUSTOR Using FileFlex

Get your FREE 1 year, single user subscription to FileFlex and automatically, in the background, back your photos and videos to your ASUSTOR NAS

Until today, in order to backup your photos and videos from your smart phone, you had to either 1) connect a cable from the phone to the PC, copy your photos to the PC for long term storage and then delete them from the phone to free up space, or 2) copy/sync them to cloud storage and then delete them from the phone to free up space.  Both solutions are problematic.
Constantly connecting cables, copying and deleting your photos and videos can be a hassle. If you use the cloud, you will quickly realize that because of the size and number of your photos and videos, the cloud storage needed can balloon resulting in either a costly storage fee or constant management of the photos/videos to free up more space.  On top of that, your personal photos end up being stored with a 3rd party where your data privacy, security and ownership is in question.
The Better Way - Use FileFlex to Automatically Sync Them To Your ASUSTOR
There is a better way to back up your photos and videos.  Back them up to your ASUSTOR NAS automatically with FileFlex. FileFlex is a premium app that enables secure remote access, sharing, streaming and file management of files and folders - even large video, music, photo or movie collections - from their source locations, stored either on an ASUSTOR NAS or on any storage networked to the NAS.
FileFlex includes a media sync feature that you can set to automatically back up the photos and videos from as many smart phones and tablets as you want to your ASUSTOR.  You can even set it to only back up when connected via WiFi so as to not use up any of your cellular data.
When you use FileFlex to automatically backup your photos and videos to your ASUSTOR, there is:
No more direct cabling of your phone to PC to transfer your pics
No more storage fees for public cloud storage
No more privacy concerns
Get Started
If you have not already done so, you need to create a FileFlex account, install FileFlex on your PCs, smart phones and tablets, and connect your FileFlex account to your ASUSTOR NAS.
You are entitled to a free, single user, 1-year subscription per ASUSTOR NAS purchased. To get started, create a FileFlex account for ASUSTOR. The free subscription is automatically applied in-app when you connect FileFlex to your ASUSTOR NAS.
1) To get started, click the button below and create your FileFlex account.
2)After you have created a FileFlex account, you will have to connect FileFlex to your ASUSTOR by following the instructions here.
3) In order to install FileFlex on your smart phones and tablets, simply go to your Google Play or Apple App store, search for FileFlex and install it.
4) Once you have FileFlex installed and connected to your ASUSTOR, open FileFlex on the phone or tablet that you want to photo and/or video sync, tap the main menu icon that is in the top right-hand corner, select Photo Sync and follow the set-up wizard.