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Cloudfleet asustor NAS App


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  • Developer: JareyMobile
  • Maintainer: JareyMobile
  • Version: 1.00
  • Category: Security
  • Size: 47.64MB
  • Support model: AS6, AS70, AS50, AS51, AS2, AS3, AS10, AS61, AS62, AS31, AS32, AS63, AS64, AS40, AS52, AS53, AS65, AS71, AS66, AS11, AS33
  • Last Update: 2015-02-06


CloudFleet is a platform to build up Fleet Management system. The application is a GPS Tracking system for fleet management and staffs tracking.You need to buy Cloud GPS Tracker form JareyMobile to work with this platform. For more information, please visit www.cloud-tracker.com

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Cloudfleet asustor NAS App