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SNES9X asustor NAS App



snes9x-gtk is a Super Nintendo emulator!

1. Please connect the keyboard/mouse to the NAS.

2. Download some game ROMs (SNES ROMs ) from internet, and put it in NAS (ex: Public folders)

3. Launch the game emulator from portal, and load the ROMs from \volume1\Public

After you load the game ROMs by the emulator, you can use the following key to play game.

a) Keyboard definitions

i) Joypad 1

Up : Keyboard Up

Down: Keyboard Down

Left: Keyboard Left

Right: Keyboard Right

Start: keyboard enter

Select: Keyboard right shift

A: Keyboard a

B: Keyboard s

X: Keyboard d

y: Keyboard q

L: Keyboard w

R: Keyboard e

However, you can define own key for the general USB joypad , and assign the key for joypad by yourself.

When you need to configure joypad/keyboard of the emulator, please press ESC key to escape from game.


Game emulator will occupy very high CPU utilization,and resource.

It might effect the performance of NAS.

2) joypad :

You can open the preference menu to map the joypad/joystick)

What's new in this version?


- support ADM 2.6 ( joypad driver is supported on ADM 2.6 only.)

- support general joystick (joypad) , and Logitech F710 (wireless joypad)


- Compatible with new Xorg/ASUSTOR Portal version.

SNES9X asustor NAS App