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ADM Release Notes

Applicable Models: AS5202T, AS5304T.

What’s New?

  • Support added for Btrfs volume snapshots.
  • Support added for Btrfs.
  • Introducing Snapshot Center to manage Btrfs volume snapshots and iSCSI LUN snapshots.
  • File Explorer can now preview files within volume snapshots.
  • Support added for Btrfs defragmentation.
  • Support added for Btrfs scrubbing.
  • Two-step verification when signing in now available for LDAP users.

Change log

  • Support added in IHM for: IronWolf and IronWolf Pro 8TB drives. (ST8000VN004) and (ST8000NE001).
  • Access Control can now set quotas for Active Directory users.
  • AD users can now access Home and other shared folders.
  • Updated file name validation to resolve XSS security vulnerabilities.
  • Access Control can now set the same quotas for multiple local or AD users in the same time.
  • The minimum number of characters in an ADM password is now 6.