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Media Review

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Review asustor NAS



"The AS6404T and AS6302T adopt a new generation CPU to fully deliver its functions, performance and expansion. It is a product without blind spots that can be utilized in a wide range of applications. More » "

ITmedia, Japan 2017-06
Review asustor NAS



"I am impressed with the review of the latest ADM 3.0 firmware and the new model, the AS6302T. If you are looking for a high performance NAS, it will be worthwhile to purchase it. More » "

impress, Japan 2017-06
Special report asustor NAS

Hi-Res Audio

Special report

"Net Audio DSD Hi-Res Audio TEST ASUSTOR NAS can be connected to a USB DAC without worrying about the capacity of the sound source to listen to DSD11.2 MHz. More » "

Net Audio, Japan 2015-07
Recommendation asustor NAS



"The evaluation of ADM 2.0 has become our focus this time. After about a week of testing the AS-302T, I did not feel any discontent about the hardware. The enhanced version of the OS features an increase in the amount of applications offered. Very competitive in terms of price, the AS-302T compares f ... More » "

My Navi News, Japan 2013-09
Review asustor NAS



"A powerful NAS. The AS6 series is largely based on remote access, and its OS ""ADM (ASUSTOR Data Master) 1.0"" has been developed based on Linux. All icons represent the capabilities of a typical desktop environment as well as user interface. More » "

My Navi News, Japan 2013-02
Recommended asustor NAS



"Flexible hardware design and power saving features More » "

ITMedia PC User, Japan 2013-01