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FileFlex Enterprise Server asustor NAS App

FileFlex Enterprise Server


FileFlex Enterprise is a service that securely allows users the ability to remotely access, share, stream, manage and collaborate content from their organization's own storage.

The FileFlex Enterprise Server is a multi-tenant server stack that allows an MSP to offer FileFlex Enterprise as their own service offering, hosted on an ASUSTOR enterprise-class NAS. The NAS must have an Intel multi-core processor with a minimum of 4 GB or RAM and ability to support a VM operating environment.


FileFlex Enterprise allows an organization's users to remotely access corporate files stored anywhere on the corporate storage infrastructure. With FileFlex Enterprise, organizations don’t need to build a private cloud or copy anything to a third party EFSS or public cloud provider.They securely remote access, share, stream, manage and collaborate their own existing storage instead. All of an organization's data stays on-premise, behind the their corporate firewall and under IT control to ensure data residency and protect client confidential information.


Under Your Control
With an enterprise-class ASUSTOR NAS, the FileFlex Enterprise Server is easy to deploy, easy to integrate, scalable, easy to manage and can be up in running in just a couple of hours. The server supports multiple organizations, multiple locations and all storage options. It requires minimal human or financial resources, no storage infrastructure to build and no data to store making it easy to operate at low cost.

Complete Management Toolkit
The FileFlex Management Console allows administrators to add/delete users, set permissions, manage the Access Control List (ACL) and add storage repositories on either and individual-by-individual basis or grouped (department) basis. Assign storage to users on device, drive, folder or even file level granularity. Determine who can share outside the company and who can add their own storage options. Access logged activities and filter by user, date, or downloads.

Easy to Integrate and Test
FileFlex Enterprise supports Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP and Single Sign-on.

Data Residency, Security and Privacy
FileFlex Enterprise is the perfect solution for organizations that need compliance with privacy and data residency requirements. It starts by keeping the organization's files on the already secured storage where the files where saved – on the client infrastructure and behind their corporate firewall, allowing by permission encrypted remote access to those secured files and then tracking usage.

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FileFlex Enterprise Server asustor NAS App