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Hi-Res Player asustor NAS App

Hi-Res Player


The Hi-Res Player is a music player which plays High-resolution audio supported files (higher than CD quality - lossless music formats - FLAC, WAV, DSD etc.)

The app is integrated with the MPD (Music Player Daemon) Rompr UI.

1) Supported formats:

Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Opus, WavPack, MP2, MP3, MP4/AAC, DSD (.dff)

2) How-To:

a) After the Hi-Res Player is launched, please click on the 'Add folder to Music collection' button (located in the 'Top-left'). Then select which folders you would like to add to the Music Collection.

Hi-Res Player would scan the folders to add music to the Music Collection.

b) When new contents are in the Music folder, then click on the Settings icon or RompR Preferences, and click 'Update Music Collection Now' to update the database.

c) If a USB DAC device is plugged into the NAS, please click on the RompR Preferences, and go to 'Audio Outputs'.

d) Click the refresh button to rescan the output devices.

You may see devices such as:

- MPD http stream

- ALSA device(default)

- iFi(by AMR) HD USB Audio , USB Audio(card: 1-0)

The “iFi(by AMR) HD USB Audio , USB Audio(card: 1-0)” is the USB DAC - iFi nano iDSD we plugged into the USB slot.

e) Devices are enabled by default and can be individually enabled or disabled.

3) S/PDIF is supported for all ASUSTOR NAS equipped with the S/PDIF interface:

The S/PDIF output can also be disabled or enabled in the Audio Outputs section of the RompR Preferences.

4) DSD (Direct Stream Digital) support:


a) For AS7, DSD files can be played directly.

However, to listen to high resolution audio, a USB DAC which supports DSD is required.

b) For AS6, AS5, AS3, AS2, a USB DAC which supports DSD is needed to play DSD files.

The iFi nano iDSD has been tested with ASUSTOR NAS.

1. Please click on the RompR Preferences, and scroll to 'Audio Outputs'

2. Disable all devices except enable only the USB DAC.

5) Http stream:

When there is audio playing, click on the 'Music Play' button next to RompR Preferences.

a) The Hi-Res Player would open a new browser tab to play the streaming music to your PC.

b) To support http streaming to your web browser, please install VLC plugin for your web browser.

6) Mobile App to control this App:

The following links are apps that can control the Music Player Daemon





Hi-Res Player contains the open source component Media Player Daemon which is available under the GPLv2 license. The source code for the Music Player Daemon is available from https://sourceforge.net/projects/asgpl/files/mpd/

What's new in this version?


- Update to be compatible with FFmpeg 4.2.


- Fixed issue that Hi-Res Player fail to connect server in AS70 series.


- Fixed issue that Hi-Res Player audio output device name cannot be recognized as S/PDIF devices.


- Fixed issue that Hi-Res Player cannot be used normally in AS1 / AS-2 / AS-3 series.


- Supports ADM 3.0 official


- Fixed the Issue that User could not see any external USB DAC in Hi-Res player after AS1 has been plugged in USB DAC.

Hi-Res Player asustor NAS App