1Before Installation

To simplify the process of selecting compatible hard disks, ASUSTOR has tested hundreds of popular models and has listed them here:

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2Hardware Installation

Get a Phillips head screwdriver ready and follow the Quick Install Guide to complete the installation. You may download the guide

Quick Installation Guide
Slide the cover away from the NAS and lift upon release.
Once inserted, push the SSD down so that it is flush with the motherboard while pushing SSD locking lever open to secure the SSD. Once SSD is fully flush, release lever to secure SSD. If heatsinks are needed, they should be installed now.
Return cover back to its original position by sliding it towards the NAS.

3Power and Network

    After hard disks have been installed, please confirm that:

  1. You have connected the power and network cables
  2. Your computer and NAS are both connected to the same network
  3. The NAS network LED indicator is lit
Quick Installation Guide

4Let's get started

1. Install the Control Center utility on your PC or Mac to find and configure your NAS within the local area network.

2. Alternatively, you can also use the AiMaster mobile app to find and configure your NAS.

5Get to know your ASUSTOR

Welcome to your new NAS. You will find the Online Help icon on the ADM desktop, which will introduce you to the basic functions of the NAS. To learn more about ASUSTOR NAS features, please click


6The ASUSTOR Community

Join the conversation, share tips, news and ideas with other ASUSTOR users from around the world

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7Customer Care

At ASUSTOR we value each and every one of our customers and are devoted to providing you with the best customer service around. Please feel free to submit any questions or concerns about our products here.

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